Charcuterie Boards for Kids: 11 Fun Ideas

You’ll have as much fun building these kids charcuterie boards as your kids will have eating them.

We’ve got kid’s charcuterie boards for sleepovers, taco nights, birthdays, after-school snacks and more! Get ready to own your title of best parent ever.


TMB workshop

Slumber Party Chart

Sleeping Bag Blondies are the stars of this children’s charcuterie board. If you have extra time to bake them, they’re perfectly sleepover themed, but you can easily replace them with store-bought bars that match the rest of the sweet spread. Besides the blondies, this slumber party board has every pink, purple, and blue candy you can think of. of from rock candy to gummy sharks to saltwater taffy.


charcuterie platter after school snackTMB workshop

Snack after school

Even the pickiest kid will go for this board. It starts with fruit and vegetable snacks like grapes, carrots, celery, blueberries and clementines. Load it up with crunchy animal crackers, goldfish, Teddy Grahams and pretzels, plus sliced ​​cheese that’s more playful when shaped by cookie cutters. Provide some protein by making our Ham Pickle Rolls ahead or include beef sticks instead.

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