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Let’s face it, workplaces can be a bit cold and loveless. So why not add fun and entertainment to your workplace? And why not raise money for charity while you do it?

Embrace the weird and wonderful world of workplace fundraising, complete with dodgy clothes, pointless dares, auctions and raffles, raffles and swearing pots. In this article, we take a look at the ten best fundraising ideas for the workplace, with a particular focus on the ridiculous and playful.

1. Costumes

The limits of disguise are endless. We suggest themes – not normal themes. Come up with something interesting, like “guess the inventor”. Or better yet, choose “characters who hide in plain sight” so that seven of your colleagues come to work dressed as Wally of Where’s Wally? notoriety.

Or choose a theme that blends with your organization. So, for example, if you’re a publisher, you might come as your favorite book characters. If you are a sports club, come embody the sports superheroes of your childhood.

An important point: always make sure that the disguise remains respectful. Choose an appropriate theme and have fun. Be creative, not stupid. Nobody wants HR to join the fun.

2. Quiz night

What is one of the most popular fundraising ideas for the workplace?

That’s right, disguise, but we’ve already covered that. So let’s go a little more tamer, a little more intellectual. Quiz nights are a great excuse to get everyone together. They’re easy to organize, all you need to do is put together teams, find a host, and cook up a few questions you’ve found online – or for the more adventurous, design your own questions.

Ask people to pay the ticket price, choose cheap prizes for the winners and serve drinks and food to meet the needs of the guests and collect a little more. Encourage donations during the event – once the booze has started flowing – by inserting QR codes on tables for people to scan and donate, or add a Zoom or Donate button. other platforms if your fundraiser is virtual.

And, if you’re brave, combine a quiz night with a costume. Maybe some of you could dress up as people who know some of the answers.

3. Swear or sorry jars

It’s the long term fundraising solution to end all long term fundraising solutions. It lasts forever. Two of the most popular options are swearing pots and sorry pots, but you can really use the fundraising device to shape the behavior however you want. We’re not suggesting you manipulate your colleagues, but the fundraising solution offers a pretty solid incentive.

You could ask for a donation every time someone hums or sings a song the office hates. You could have a jar for every time someone leaves the coffee lid. It is entirely up to you.

4. Sponsored Silence

Ask your friends, colleagues, people on social networks, family and anyone else to sponsor you for a time of silence. You could even participate in a team-wide sponsored silence. If you do, consider picking a day when you’re not all stuck in meetings, especially with clients. Customers tend to like to talk.

If there are only internal meetings, get creative and find ways around them, using technology to support silence.

5. Competition at work

Do you remember the Euro? When was football headed in our general direction? The draw is great fun – and it doesn’t always have to be about football. You could have raffles on how many candies are in a certain jar, how long it would take Sales Barry to run 100m, how many bites it takes to finish an expired cake, and more.

Don’t forget to ask everyone to donate when entering the contest. And, as always, try to provide information about your cause. Every fundraising event, no matter how silly, is an opportunity to create a donor for life.

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