China Suárez and Rusherking had lunch together and their “children’s menu” was questioned in the networks


After confirmation of the budding affair between Eugenia China Suarez there Rusherkingthe ragpicker uploaded a story to instagram and more They claim to have had lunch together at the actress’s.

It all started when the young man shared the image of a plate of milanesas with ketchup sauce. The detail was the green and white striped tablecloth which, coincidentally, is very similar to the artist’s.

I read too. Wanda Nara told Ángel de Brito that she would be his witness if China Suárez brought him to justice.

Quick of reflexes, Estefi Berardi removed the doubts by affirming: “Rusher eating at chinese house”.

China Suárez and Rusherking would have lunch together at the actress’s house. (Photo: Twitter capture /@estefiberardi)

The panelist’s tweet did not go unnoticed by her followers who indulged in all sorts of jokes and emphasized the menu.

The truth is that this children’s menu can be seenJuariu commented. “The sadness that these Milanese without garnish give me, how hard it was for you to make a purecito, a salad, even a split tomato, it breaks my soul,” one follower shared. “He will fight with Rufi for the small dessert“Says another.

Rusherking said he experienced his meeting with China Suárez as a “world cup”

After some dating rumors between Rusherking and China Suárez in Spain and Argentina, a video confirmed the romance. is about a record for this Sunday when you can see them kissing at a party after the delivery of the Martín Fierro.

After the impact of this material, the singer spoke for the first time about his relationship with the actress. “I prefer to keep my private life hidden, I’m a gentleman”he said when questioned by a columnist from LAM (America).

China Suárez and Rusherking reportedly had lunch together: their

However, he was not shy about defining the recent encounter he had with the former almost angels like a great experience. “I left the world, I’ll just say that. I’ve gone global!”He told how the night went that they shared in a bowling alley in Buenos Aires in the presence of dozens of celebrities.

The video that shows China Suárez and Rusherking together at a party

The images that showed the affair between China Suárez and Rusherking were aired Show partners (eltrece).

Rusherking and China Suárez, whispering at the party where all the celebrities were.  (Photo: Instagram @juariu)
Rusherking and China Suárez, whispering at the party where all the celebrities were. (Photo: Instagram @juariu)

Although the protagonist of the video was Jimena Baronwho was dancing in the middle of a round, the scene everyone was watching was happening behind her: the actress and the singer were talking very closely. He turns his back on her and leaves, while Benjamín Vicuña’s ex continues to dance – almost looking at the camera – as if she doesn’t know him.

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