Christmas baking ideas: shortbread cookies and easy-to-give cookies

Is Christmas baking a tradition at home?

As much as I love to install my (little) Christmas tree, there is something more festive about making end-of-year treats.

Here are three easy options, perfect for giving, sharing and snacking, from shortbread cookies to moist chocolate cookies.

Shortbread biscuit made special with rose water and pistachio.(ABC Life: Thalia Rose)

Classic Christmas Shortbread gets an update. These bite-sized cookies are made with almond flour and a drizzle of rose water.

If you’re cooking with kids, these cookies are hand-rolled and topped with a single pistachio.

Makes: 18 cookies.


Want to use festive cookie cutters? Opt for Julia Busuttil Nishimura’s lemon shortbread.

Cooling the dough before it is rolled gives you time to rest and will make the cookies easier to cut.

Makes: 28 cookies

Close up on a batch of dark chocolate crumpled cookies, a delicious dessert.
Dutch cocoa gives this cookie its intense color and flavor.(ABC Life: Thalia Ho)

If you like chewy, chewy candy, this recipe is somewhere between a brownie and a cookie.

The dough is rolled in icing sugar before baking, creating a spectacular cracked shell.

Makes: 30 cookies

Sonya Gee is Associate Editor-in-Chief of ABC Everyday. She orders our weekly recipes and enjoys taking the time to cook and eat each one.

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