Christmas Gift Ideas 2021: The Ultimate Guide to WIRED Gifts

Price: £ 95 | Rear wing

Q Acoustics Concept 30, 50 and 90

Powerful sound doesn’t have to mean sprucing up your living room with chonky, industrial-looking speakers. These silky music diffusers look stylish in the right places. Ditching artificial coloring can get a bit of a candy buzz in your corner store, but its absence here allows for a refreshing and understated design. Audiophiles will get their money’s worth with the Concept 30’s powerful 5-inch mid / bass driver and 0.9-inch tweeter.

Price: from £ 899 | Sevenoaks

HYPERDRIVE 6-in-1 USB-C multimedia hub

Working from home or living the hybrid life (and not the Toyota Prius style) means cables, dongles, and hubs are a tedious bag-filling requirement. This Hyperdrive for iPad attempts to sort out the problems by providing a litany of ports in a hub weighing just 46g and less than 10cm in length. As the name suggests, there are also some delightfully showy media buttons on the top.

Price: £ 80 | Amazon | HyperShop

Casio G-Shock Octagon Series

Think good watches must cost over £ 100? Well, damn it, you’re gonna have a shock. The Casio GA-2100 is a low-key return to the company’s classic 1983 model – a bright spot in a year that has seen a total eclipse of Bonnie Tyler’s heart. This G-Shock is as durable as old boots and offers water resistance and resistance to 200m.

Price: £ 99 | Amazon | G-shock

Apple AirTag

“Who doesn’t love a Bluetooth tracker? Tile said in the mid-2010s. Last year, Apple finally decided the answer was “iPhone users” and launched its version of Tile’s winning formula. Diddy washers are nonetheless extremely useful and can be paired with a range of accessories to drive them onto your keys, in your bag, or even attached to a laptop or bicycle.

Price: £ 89 | Apple | Amazon

LEGO Marvel The Guardians’ Ship / Black Panther Dragon Flyer

An inspired gift for Marvel fans or just anyone who enjoys a challenge, here’s the latest offering from LEGO. Aimed at young adults 14 and older and designed to improve finger dexterity, the LEGO Marvel The Guardians’ Ship contains 1,901 pieces in the box. Once built, it spins on an adjustable stand and features a cockpit that opens to house and reveal the characters inside – Thor holding a donut is one of our favorites.

For something a little easier to suit 8+, the LEGO Marvel Black Panther Dragon Flyer is also worth considering. It includes 202 pieces in the box and there is a futuristic Wakandan flyer with four adjustable wings to craft. The three characters include Black Panther, his sister Shuri, and an evil Chitauri warrior who comes with a powerful blaster.

The Guardian Ship: £ 122 | Amazon | Lego

Black Panther Dragon Flyer: £ 18 | Amazon | Lego

Razer Opus X

When Razer’s workshop isn’t busy creating (and on) your LED masks and seemingly endless treasures of gaming accessories, it digs its toes into more lifestyle-focused products – products that you wouldn’t be ashamed to wear. Public. The Razer Opus X is at the forefront – a mix of mobile gaming headset and headphones to wear just about anywhere.

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