Christmas gift ideas for MHA fans

Christmas is just around the corner, which means now is a good time for people to take care of these thoughtful gifts for their friends, family and loved ones. While it is always difficult to choose the perfect gift, if you know what interests the people in your life, it can certainly narrow down the options.

For those whose friends are fans of My hero university, there are plenty of gifts that will satisfy them. The obvious answer would be to buy them a piece of MHA merchandise. However, for those who really want to be more creative with their gifts, there are plenty of alternatives. Here are some ideas for MHA-themed gifts that will make any fan smile.

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Hero Name Cards

Probably the cheapest and easiest gift to give would be the Hero Business Card, but it’s also the most expressive. In MHA, a hero’s name isn’t just about their power or design motive. It can also be used to represent an ambition or an ideal that the hero is striving towards, such as Endeavor or All Might. There is also Lemillion, whose name represents the million people he intends to save.

Gifts shouldn’t be afraid to get creative. Hero names can also get pretty silly, like Can’t Stop Twinkling or Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight. Hero names also include pre-headers like “Sturdy Hero: Red Riot” or “Sweets Hero: Sugarman”. A Hero business card looks like a simple gift, but it also says a lot about how the donor views the recipient. This insight from the donor’s perspective can be both touching and heartfelt.

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Santa hats

Santa hats sound like an obvious gift, but My hero university presents a cool twist on the idea. When Class 1-A has a big Christmas party, they all dress in Santa Claus outfits, but there is a way to tell their outfits apart. At the end of their Santa Claus hats, instead of the conventional white beanbag ball, each student has a unique ornament that represents them.

Kyōka Jīrō, for example, has a musical note representing his love of music. Other adornments include a book, frog head, ringed planet, candy, ribbon holder, and exhaust pipe. There are all kinds of things that can be attached to the end of a Santa hat; it will be up to the donor to determine which aspect of the donee’s life best represents him and to choose the appropriate adornment.

Food basket

Aoyama feeds Mojo cheese

A gift basket full of food works well for any holiday, and it’s also great for a MHA fan. There are all kinds of foods that work not only as tasty treats, but also as good references to the MHA lively. Tea bags, for example, can be used to represent Gentle Criminal. He’s interested in Gold Tips Imperial, but since it’s not real tea, Earl Gray works well too. Candied apples can also be added to represent the one Deku gives to Eri at the end of the school festival arc.

Grapes and brie are a classic combination, but, as part of a MHA– themed gift basket, they can represent Mineta and Aoyama respectively. As a fun prank, the giveaway could try slipping a piece of brie into the giveaway’s mouth. The grantee’s appreciation of this gesture, as well as the gift basket as a whole, will be proportional to his familiarity with MHA.

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MHA monopoly

MHA-Themed Monopoly is another giveaway that transcends the holidays. It features several characters, props, and references to the anime. It’s good for savvy fans, casual fans, and even people who are just starting to MHA. Moreover, those who are not fans can play it to familiarize themselves with and imagine an even better gift next year.

Beyond the theme, Monopoly is just a fun way to hang out with others. Buying and trading properties, collecting money from other players and forcing them out of business is a unique and unprecedented pleasure. The game can be played with up to eight players, not just the giveaway and the giveaway, and it’s fun for everyone all year round. This Monopoly game definitely works as an interesting and affordable gift.

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Anything, as long as the color is coordinated

Class 1-A in My Hero Academia

If there is another miscellaneous gift that one wants to buy or give, it would help to make sure it is color coordinated. Here are some color combinations that would make any gift look like MHA-theme ; All Might’s color scheme is blue, red and yellow, Deku’s colors are green and red (which also makes them more Christmas themed), Bakugō’s colors are orange, black, green, and yellow, while Todoroki’s colors are red, white, and blue.

Other characters have simpler color patterns. There is pink for Uraraka, green for Asui, purple for Mineta, red for Kirishima or Yaoyorozu, yellow for Kaminari, black for Tokoyami and silver for Īda. As a challenge, there is also clear for Hagakure.

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