Clitheroe: Doe Bakehouse launches new brunch menu

A popular donut shop in east Lancashire has launched a brand new brunch menu today – and the food looks delicious.

Doe Bakehouse, in Market Place, Clitheroe, is well known for its sweet treats and quirky donuts, but wanted to test out a brunch menu after listening to customer feedback.

The ‘Doe Brunch’ menu will now be available Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Although there are also Doe Bakehouse branches in York, this brunch menu is currently only available at the Lancashire branch.

Evie Jackson, owner of Doe Bakehouse

Owner Evie Jackson says she and the Bakehouse team spent three months perfecting the brunch menu before it launched.

She said: “We’re starting at Clitheroe because the shop is really cute and has lovely seating areas; I think there is a really good atmosphere for brunch there.

Lancashire Telegraph: Doe Bakehouse Brunch Menu: PancakesDoe Bakehouse Brunch Menu: Pancakes

“We are a dessert shop and we have a lot of people who wish they could come to the store, make a day of it and order more than donuts.”

The company has made a name for itself on Instagram, amassing over 52,000 followers who have fallen in love with their original donut creations.

Lancashire Telegraph: Doe Bakehouse Brunch Menu: Filled CroissantsDoe Bakehouse Brunch Menu: Filled Croissants

Evie said: “A lot of people in Lancashire were always asking if we were planning on bringing something like this to the business.

“Customers love the Instagram side of things and taking pictures of food – but they don’t necessarily always want to come in for a donut.

“We thought we could try something new and see how it goes.

Lancashire Telegraph: Doe Bakehouse: Loaded 'sour-doe'Doe Bakehouse: Loaded with “sour-doe”

“We know the food will be Instagram-friendly and super tasty. People can come in, have brunch and then enjoy a donut, which we think is a good thing to do.

Evie said the team had been planning the menu for three months and had now perfected each recipe.

Lancashire Telegraph: Doe Bakehouse Brunch Menu: French ToastDoe Bakehouse Brunch Menu: French Toast

Pancakes, croissants with different fillings, ‘sour-doe’ breads with a selection of fillings, French toast, ‘chic’ bacon rolls and much more are on the menu.

Evie said they even made their own version of a McDonald’s McMuffin – the “Mc-Doe”.

A vegetarian and vegan option will be available.

Evie said, “People are really excited and want us to bring it to our other branches.

“We can’t wait to launch something a little different for our brand.”

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