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This story sheds light on how you can use networking to start a business in even the most unusual conditions.

Two Ukrainian businessmen, Ivan Kroshnyi and Kostiantyn Harbuz, have opened a unique Roasters coffee villa in Dubai, where they serve premium hand-brewed coffee and signature coffee cocktails by a famous barista.


Read on to learn more about how the foreign business-owned cafe gained popularity in the first few months after it opened and why entrepreneurs chose this business.

According to the investor of a project, Ivan Kroshnyi, the idea of ​​​​creating a coffee villa arose at the beginning of the summer in a business club after a meeting with an entrepreneur Kostiantyn Harbuz. This once again proves the value of networking. A seemingly banal encounter gave impetus to a partnership.

With his background in running a coffee business in the United Arab Emirates, Kostiantyn Harbuz came up with a good idea, well-crafted business plan, global coffee reviews and Dubai market analysis. Ivan Kroshnyi praised this ambitious project and made the quick decision to become a partner and investor. In September, they managed to start the project and opened the first cafe.

“Dubai is a dynamic city. Here you cannot trade for months. You need to make decisions quickly. So, my partner and I agreed on the Dubai cafe project in five days: from the moment I heard about it to the moment we shook hands and started investing. So far it is the fastest investment decision of my life,” said Ivan Kroshnyi.

The Snow White Cafe Villa is located on Wasl Road, Jumeirah. It is the largest cafe villa in the residential strip, with a total area of ​​750 square meters. It offers 125 seats and many large open spaces not overloaded with tables. Every detail is there to make customers feel comfortable and enjoy a few free meters around. The partners wanted their guests to have a place to socialize where no one bothers them. To do this, they have organized a VIP room in the villa where you can spend time alone or organize various events. The highlight of Roasters is a huge rooftop with a magnificent panoramic view of Dubai and the Burj Khalifa.

The cozy cafe serves freshly roasted premium specialty coffee made from premium 100% Arabica beans with a slightly sour taste, plenty of desserts and a signature coffee menu. Also, people visit this cafe to enjoy cocktails from a famous barista’s cafe, have a delicious breakfast or lunch, and enjoy a cup of coffee. According to Ivan Kroshnyi, the villa is equipped with a roasting machine used to process green beans just before guests. This coffee is obviously not the first to roast beans; Roasters compare favorably to others by offering many coffee options.

Delicious coffee, perfect location, beautiful panoramic view and good design are the advantages that make Roasters stand out from its peers and attract many guests. Success is when all the places are taken. In the evening, you even have to queue to get in. Coffee has become a hot spot in just one month.

Ivan Kroshnyi is convinced that this project is a success thanks to their partnership: “I try to do all my activities in partnership with like-minded people. In addition to any success, partnerships allow companies to grow quickly and learn new skills. Partnerships help you move faster than unilateral efforts. I believe that a successful partnership is already half the battle. On his Instagram account, Ivan Kroshnyi shares his experience of creating businesses, good networking and partnerships.

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