Cooking tips: 6 ways to reuse overripe fruit (recipe ideas inside)

What happens when you buy that delicious shiny apple and forget to eat it on the right day? Fruit goes from perfectly delectable to too soft or just the wrong color in the blink of an eye. What if we say you don’t need to throw those fruits away! Instead, you can use them to make delicious recipes at home. Here are some ways to turn your overripe fruit into treats that are not only delicious, but also load you with nutrients.

Here are 6 ways to reuse overripe fruit:

1. Bake cakes:

Most of us love to cook; and what better way to unwind during the evening than having a slice of a warm and moist fruitcake. Use your overripe fruit and make pies, cakes and bread. After all, an apple pie is not only delicious, it also provides the goodness of apples! While cooking you can control the ingredients, make your dessert as healthy as possible and guess what? You don’t need to add extra sugar because fruits are naturally sweet.

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2. Prepare snacks:

We all love snacks, even better if they are nutritious and delicious. Dehydrated fruit is a great snack option and doesn’t take up much room on your kitchen shelf. If you have fruits like apples, peaches, apricots, grapes, and plums, you can dehydrate them in the oven and store them for months. Core your fruit, slice it, place it on parchment paper in a baking sheet and bake for 3-6 hours at 93 degrees Celsius. During cooking, pay attention to the cooking time of each type of fruit. For example, strawberries take up to 2 hours, while apples take about 8.

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3. Prepare the jam:

The classic combination of breakfast – toast and jam is loved by many. Instead of opting for store-bought jam that may contain artificial colors, preservatives and high sugar content, you can make your jam at home. This jam can last for months on your shelf. To make a jam, add sugar/honey to your chopped fruit and let it cook until you get the right consistency. Savor fresh fruit jams on bread, desserts, or even offer a jar full of love to your loved ones.

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4. Make smoothies:

If you’re someone who lives on the clock and has no free time at all, smoothies are a great way to start your day. They are quick and easy to make. Plus, smoothies keep you full for a long time, helping you curb your snacking habits. Blend overripe fruit with nuts, fresh greens and milk and make your powerhouse drink of the day. You can also add a frozen banana for a thicker, creamier smoothie.

5. Fruity Popsicles:

Most of us enjoy a popsicle on a hot summer day. Imagine using fruit from your kitchen to make tasty popsicles at home? All you have to do is juice your fruit, strain out the solids, add fruit pieces, pour the mixture into molds and freeze. A few hours later you have fresh and tasty candy ready.

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6. Fruity yogurt:

Fruity yogurt is one of the fastest and most delicious ways to combine fruit and yogurt. You can make a healthy yogurt recipe to enhance your experience by simply adding chopped fruit. To add some crunch, try some nuts and make them much healthier!

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So, what is your choice for reusing this week’s overripe fruit lying around in your fridge?

Author Bio: Shriya Naheta Wadhwa is the founder of Zama Organics.

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