Covid equipment shortages hit Melbourne family’s plum pudding business

Her grandparents started the tradition by selling the puddings at their bakery in Moonee Ponds. In 2021, the recipe remains largely unchanged.

Two-thirds of the company’s staff are family members, and Dr Carter’s son is the fourth generation to work with the annual plum pudding operation, now based in Essendon North.

The team of longtime family and friends at Ray’s Traditional Home Made Plum Pudding factory in Essendon North. Credit:Meredith O’Shea

“We don’t know anything different, that’s exactly what you are doing in our family at this point,” he said.

Puddings are always made by hand – with the exception of a machine in the factory used to mix shortening and sugar.

They start the long process of making the pudding by mixing all the dry ingredients, including flour and fruit, then adding water and vinegar, and mixing again by hand.

The mixture is then tied up in a cloth and weighed before being boiled for two to five hours, depending on the size of the pudding.

Six-year-old Talia's fifth generation enjoys their traditional Ray's homemade plum pudding at a family reunion.

Six-year-old Talia’s fifth generation enjoys their traditional Ray’s homemade plum pudding at a family reunion. Credit:Meredith O’Shea

“You then need to dry the rag a bit so you can wrap it up without a problem,” Dr. Carter said. “Then seal in a plastic bag to keep it cool, let it cool overnight and the next day, and then it’s ready to pack up and hit the stores.”

He said the secret to a perfect pudding is using the freshest and best ingredients: “I have a little advantage over parents who make pudding at home because I have access to the fruit. top quality from Mildura. “

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