Crumbl’s classic pink sugar cookie leaving the weekly menu

Crumbl’s classic pink sugar cookie. Image: Crumbl

One of America’s most iconic cookies is being taken out of the spotlight. Crumbl’s classic pink sugar cookie will no longer be part of the weekly menu.

Jason McGowan, CEO of Crumbl make the announcement last week on Instagram, saying that the signature sugar cookie, with its perfect pink swirl of almond-flavored frosting, will no longer be regularly available after Saturday, April 23.

McGowan and his cousin, Sawyer Hemsley, teamed up to launch Crumbl in 2017 after years of taste testing and perfecting their treats.

The first Crumbl store opened in Utah and now has locations across the country, also known for their thick, decadent chocolate chip cookies and rotating weekly menus.

The weekly rotating menu offers new creations every Sunday as the cousins ​​and their team of bakers reinvent iconic desserts in cookie form, such as s’mores and churros.

“As we pursue more opportunities to create the best cookies in the world, that means we have to let go of other cookies to make room for new and exciting ones,” McGowan said. Simply put, the sugar cookie was beaten by other flavors.

McGowan said the sugar cookie, which has been a semi-permanent menu item from the start, “hasn’t kept up with our growth.” He said taking it off the menu allowed them to bring in other cookie ideas.

“There are so many amazing flavors ready to be born, we want to give them the opportunity to shine,” he said.


News of the cookie’s departure sparked thousands of comments on social media, with mixed reactions.

“This is the worst news ever,” one Instagrammer commented.

“You’ll hear from my lawyer,” joked another.

Others shared their excitement to try new and more flavors.

“Thank goodness…make room for better cookies now yay!!!” a comment read.

Crumbl has promised that the Pink Sugar Cookie isn’t gone forever, so stay tuned to see when you can pick up the family favorite again. Every Sunday, Crumbl posts its weekly menu on social media.

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Crumbl said it has sold 18 million pink sugar cookies since being on the menu since September 2017, and each store sells about 1,250 pink sugar cookies a week.

“The flavor has seen weddings, family reunions, book launch parties, etc. Pink Sugar has always been part of the Crumbl experience,” the team wrote. in another Instagram post.

For those who might want to stock up on sugar cookies, Crumbl offered some tips for keeping the cookie fresh:

  • Place the classic pink sugar cookie in a zipper bag or sealed container facing up. (Warning: stacking cookies on top of each other can affect the quality of the icing)
  • Cookies can be frozen for up to a month.
  • Let the cookies thaw in the refrigerator, not at room temperature.

And, jokingly, the company also offers a pink sugar cookie support line for the bereaved – 1-833-505-PINK.

To find a Crumbl location near you, visit

This story was reported from Detroit.

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