Delicious recipes for smoothies, pies and slush to satisfy your dessert cravings

NAVRATRI 2022: Navratri is there. The festivals of nine lights, good food, sweets and dancing. Celebrated with great pomp in northern India and West Bengal, where it is also called Durga Puja. During the auspicious festival, a total of nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped. This year Navratri will be celebrated from September 26 to October 4.

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While many communities in northern India eat vegetarian food during this auspicious time, several states such as West Bengal are known for their non-vegetarian delicacies. However, dessert cravings are universal. As such, take a look at some delicious types of fruit pies, puddings, and smoothie recipes.

  1. Yellow tropical smoothie
    Made with the goodness of papaya, mango, milk, almond flakes, coconut milk, pineapple chunks and a few sprigs of fresh mint; this fresh, tropical-tasting smoothie is packed with the goodness of vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, and several other healthy ingredients. All you have to do is mix all the ingredients with ice in a blender, pour and enjoy.
  2. Yogurt and pomegranate tartlets
    Rather than using high-calorie whipped cream or condensed milk, adding suspended curd or Greek yogurt to a freshly baked cup of pie is a much healthier option. For extra flavor, add pomegranate seeds, apples and a touch of honey for a hint of sweetness. Ideally, the pies should be made with wholemeal or multigrain flour.

  3. Watermelon slush
    To make a healthy version of a watermelon slushie, you’ll need a few easy-to-obtain ingredients. They include a few seeded pieces of watermelon, cranberries, blueberries, passion fruit (optional), a touch of honey and a sprig of mint. You can also add rock salt and a squeeze of lemon to the slushie for extra spiciness.

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