Dessert ideas for the sweet tooth in your life

As far back as I can remember, I have always been nicknamed the “sweet tooth of the family”. I think my parents came up with this nickname when I started ordering scoops of ice cream for a restaurant entree (I was a daddy’s girl so whatever I asked for with pleading eyes I got it ). Looking back, it might also have come from when I ate my entire chocolate advent calendar only on December 1st. Anyway, my point is this: I’m a raging sugar lover. That’s why I decided to share with you all of my favorite dessert ideas (and the foolproof kitchen appliances that will help you make them easily).

Whether you are looking to whip up a sweet storm for your Christmas guests, whip up treats for the kids’ teachers, or just want to occupy the little nailers for more than five minutes during their summer school vacation, my boy, you I covered.

Our favorite dessert ideas

Mini Donut Maker, $ 39.99

Krispy Kreme has it all once you get your hands on one of these little guys. The best part is, when you make these easy DIY donuts, you are completely responsible for the toppings. Hello, acidic straps and nuggets.

You can purchase the Mini Donut Maker ($ 39.99) on Amazon here.

Bubble waffle mold, $ 100.22

dessert ideas

Do you know those delicious bubble waffles that you see all over your Instagram feed? Yes, the ones that are dripping with Nutella and whipped cream? Well, now you can make them for breakfast any day of the week with this bubble waffle mold. Bonus points for coming with tongs and a foolproof cookbook on the odd luck that you aren’t quite Gordon Ramsay yet.

You can purchase the Bubble Waffle Maker ($ 100.22) on Amazon here.

Cake pop mold set, $ 27.26

dessert ideas

These mussels are something I wish I had existed when I was younger. So, in the name of stolen childhoods, grab your siblings or kids and spend the afternoon making these fun cake pops. With the silly season approaching, you can even get creative with some festive decorations – I’m thinking of mini Santa hats or green and red frosting.

You can purchase the Cake Pop Mold Set ($ 27.26) on Amazon here.

Ninja Ice Cream Machine, $ 332.19

dessert ideas

This Ninja Ice Cream Maker is a jack-of-all-trades, offering ice cream, sorbet, milkshake, batter and smoothie-making capabilities, which means you can whip up summer treats any way you like. ‘they are low in fat, dairy free or deliciously creamy. Can we tell you a secret? Add sweet mixes and you’ve got a homemade Cold Rock.

You can purchase the Ninja Ice Cream Maker ($ 332.19) on Amazon here.

Shaved ice maker, $ 60.82

dessert ideas

Bring that theme park thrill straight to your 30 degree backyard this summer with a shaved ice maker. All you have to do is add flavored syrup as a dessert idea for the kids, then take the rest and make yourself a margarita, because you so deserve it.

You can purchase this shaved ice maker ($ 60.82) on Amazon here.

Mini waffle iron, $ 25

It’s been on my wish list for a few months now because I can’t think of anything better than having waffles for breakfast – oh wait, I meant dessert.

You can purchase the mini waffle iron ($ 25) on Amazon here.

Breville toast maker, $ 99

I know what you are thinking, what is a toastmaker doing on a roundup of dessert machines? Well let me introduce you to the not-so-humble S’more dessert toast. As you can imagine, all you have to do is butter two slices of your favorite bread, top them with chunks of your favorite chocolate, along with some marshmallows, and voila, your dessert idea. dreams, my friends.

You can purchase the Breville Toastie Maker ($ 99) on Amazon here.

Breville Crepe Maker, $ 89.95

Since we can’t just go to Paris when times are tough, the least we can do is bring us to Paris with this Breville crepe maker. Boasting adjustable temperature control and an extra-large non-stick plate, your diners will envy the ease with which you can enjoy these French delicacies.

You can purchase the Breville Pancake Maker ($ 89.95) on Amazon here.

Churrera Churro Maker, $ 16.99

Churros are by far my favorite dessert around the world, but much to my disappointment I live 30 minutes from my nearest San Churro. That’s why when I saw this Churro Maker, I had to buy one for myself. All I can say is start melting your chocolate, baby.

You can purchase the Churrera Churro Maker ($ 16.99) on Amazon here.

TODO cotton candy machine, $ 69

The nostalgic school fair meets the idea of ​​the ultimate dessert: dental floss. The kids are going to love it, you are going to love it, your partner is going to pretend otherwise, but they are going to love it too. A great family Christmas present that will keep everyone entertained for hours if you ask me.

You can purchase the TODO Cotton Candy Maker ($ 69) from Catch here.

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