Discount Diva: 5 Things That Make Me Thankful For Thanksgiving Local company

Since the start of the pandemic, buyers have rallied around local businesses to keep them alive.

Sharon Cantillon

It’s easy to dwell on the wrong things. Sometimes it feels like that’s all there is.

I was on Facebook this morning (first mistake) and saw a post from a mega chain of stores congratulating an employee named Alvin. He detailed how Alvin went above and beyond for the company over his 17 years of service and thanked him for his outstanding dedication.

“He’s taught us that no job is too big or too small when you know it’ll make someone smile and they’ll be prepared with the right tools (reliable tape, hammer, and a positive attitude),” reads -we.

That’s wonderful. So how did the $ 46 billion company, the fourth in the world, show its gratitude? He gave her a bag of candy and had her pose with it for Facebook.

This is why it is so important to look for the right things. Counting blessings is the only way to keep your head above water on certain days.

I know I have a black belt to see the bright side, but there really is a lot to be thankful for this year.

After writing on Black Friday for The News for 10 years, Samantha Christmann spent Thanksgiving night working in a clothing store in Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls.

Traders will get their Thanksgiving back. In recent years, workers have had to skip dessert and show up for work because retailers have anticipated the holidays and launched Black Friday. This year, retailers have decided it makes more business sense to stay closed on November 25, as workers are scarce, labor costs are up, and in-store traffic is down. Some stores call the closure a “thank you” to their employees. OK, wink wink, whatever the cost.

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