Disney ‘Star Wars’: Starcruiser Galactic Food Menu

After taking a look at the merchandising of star wars: Galatic Starcruiser, we now have a taste of the two-day, two-night experience food at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Accentuating the immersive experience of star wars: Galatic Starcruiser, more than 50 different star wars-themed dishes have been created to express a menu from a galaxy far, far away.

Starting at US$4,800 for two guests per stateroom, guests coming aboard the Halcyon ship complete their first night with “An Evening with Gaya.” Dinner, served in the immersive Crown of Corellia multi-level dining room, begins with an appetizer of colorful baos served with a variety of dips. Diners will then be served their choice of Tip Yip (chicken) fries, cooked lemongrass-scented shrimp with lobster cream and coconut mousse or bantha steak (beef tenderloin) with mashed purple potatoes. The dessert comes in the form of a caramel mousse and Purple Jogan (a mixture of raspberry, mango, lychee, passion fruit, blackcurrant, hibiscus and dragon fruit).

The second night’s “Taste Around the Galaxy” begins with a bread offering inspired by the volcanic planet of Mustafar. Followed by the chilled Felucian shrimp cocktail, then a set of entrees served family-style. Starters come in the form of Bantha Short Ribs and Seared Grouper based on the Wookie planet of Kashyyyk. Finally, dessert arrived in the form of a dark chocolate cake topped with salted caramel ganache plated to resemble the logo of Halcyon’s operator, the Chandrila Star Line.

In addition to themed breakfast and lunch items, the Halcyon also offers a canteen, dubbed the Sublight Lounge. Guests can interact with characters and play star wars Sabacc card game while enjoying cocktails like the Hoth Icebreaker cocktail and Pod Chaser.

Take a look at the food and drink on offer at Walt Disney World’s star wars: Galatic Starcruiser experience above.

In case you missed it, the White Castle x PUMA RS-X draws inspiration from the iconic square sliders.

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