Easy ideas for everyday table settings

The dining table is an empty canvas that should inspire us to be creative, to add color and new flavor to our lives every day. This is where we spend time as a family and create unforgettable memories.

Setting the table on a daily basis doesn’t have to be a mundane, mechanical chore. At the same time, styling a table top doesn’t have to be a laborious and time-consuming task. With a few quick and easily adaptable ideas, you can set the stage for memorable moments with your family every day.

Statement Accent Pieces: Every family has a collection of their favorite accent pieces. Use them wisely to instantly add rich character to your table decor. You can opt for slightly over-the-top options on special occasions by adding large-scale or opulent accent pieces for that extra pizzazz.

Bright Flowers: With their colors and scents, flowers bring a breath of fresh air to the table. Learn a bit about how to take care of different types of flowers, so they stay fresh longer. Play with the vases for a little more fun.

Colorful fruit basket: Decorating with fruit is not difficult. With their varied colors and shapes, fresh fruits are a soothing sight. Place them in a tiered stand or a crystal or silver bowl, or just a charming wicker basket, and you’re done.

Candles and lamp holders: Why wait for special occasions when you can instantly brighten up the dining table with a diverse range of candles and T-light holders? They allow you to create a soft atmosphere.

A must-have centerpiece: It can be an antique piece or a modern sculpture, a large tray or a set of arrows; place it strategically on the table. Once in a while, you can opt for an original decorative element to brighten things up.

Table runners: For festive occasions, use exclusive silk, organza, embroidered or sequined table runners. If you want to be a little more creative, try a fragrant table runner woven with tuberose flowers, perfect for occasions like Diwali.

Pretty potted plants: Freshness, vitality and natural energy, plants bring all this and more. If you can bring a flowering plant to your table, it’s spring every day. A beautiful potted plant can be as much of a hit as any expensive trinket.

Decorative cutlery holders: Everyday utility items like cutlery holders come in fun and creative designs. Keep a collection of them and rotate them from time to time.

Crystal factory: You may think your precious crystal collection deserves a special occasion, but take it out on an ordinary day and see how special it makes you feel. Everyday meals should not be devoid of such surprising and opulent elements.

Arrangement of dried twigs: Assemble a centerpiece using twigs, leaves and dried flowers.

Serving dishes: Presenting food in dishes and trays of varying heights and sizes adds visual interest to the table. A clever mix of materials and colors also goes a long way in creating an impressive look.

Cake stands and cookie jars: We all have a collection of charming cake stands and cookie jars in different styles and brands. Use them to decorate the table – you can also serve cut fruit, desserts or salads on the cake stand.

(Ajay Arya is founder and interior designer at A Square Designs, a company specializing in interiors for residential and commercial spaces)

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