Farzi Cafe in Hyderabad has a new menu and they call it “Farzified”

Cafe Farzi in Jubilee Hills has always been a favorite spot for food lovers in the city. The place is loved for its unique menus, themes, taste and more. Taking it a notch higher, the cafe has revamped its menu to be ‘farzified’ – where it’s all about adding an interesting Farzi twist to dishes.

The delicious receipts, an explosion of flavors and original names are sure to give customers a complete experience. We take a look at the food and the new menu to tell you some of the dishes you need to try when planning to eat out this weekend.

As we settled down to eat, we were comforted by the calm and pretty ambience of the restaurant. Executive Chef Sandeep Sai drops by to tell us about the new menu that was put together just a few days ago.

“This time, we have ‘farzified’ all the dishes that are on the new menu. Giving a little twist to our dishes has always been our strong point and this time we have taken a step forward to bring the best to customers who come back for more. In the food menu, which is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, we have given all our dishes — the Farzi effect. From small to large portions, we offer different varieties in the new menu and our signatures are sure to remain your favorites,” he told CE.

Starting with an amuse-bouche, a gift given to the guests, it was like a delicious berry on the tongue. We switched to small plates and enjoyed the stuffed butter pav bhaji which is a must try. The pav bhaji is surely packed with flavor and the pav was too soft to pair well with the filling.

Chilli cheese kunafa toasted bread with pepper cheese sauce is another dish you should definitely try. The most exciting dish here was the fire fish pollichathu, it made us wonder how the paper on the foil wrapped fish caught fire and just disappeared! Well, everything was magical there, when the fish was served because it really makes you feel like you’ve been transported to another world. The fish was tender and filled with an interesting mix of flavors.

The duck and mango ravioli paratha with a unique sauce is one of the great combinations that will definitely leave you wanting more. There’s also a dish with Nagarjuna’s name on it — although the actor obviously didn’t make it, it’s probably as good as him! Called the Nagarjuna Chilli Chicken, the perfect taste of the well-marinated green chilli on the chicken was worth trying. Towards the main course, you can opt between kulchas, rice and millet dishes.

For a sweet ending, a bouncy snicker brownie is something that will give you solid cravings later. Bursting with chocolate and nuts, this dessert feels like a nice wave of chocolate in your mouth. We finish it off with the café’s signature Parle-G cheesecake. If you’re a fan, the place also offers an interesting list of a la carte cocktails.

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