First pet restaurant with live music, pet menu and art gallery to open in Texas!


The first “pet restaurant” is should open in Texas, where pets can come and enjoy a balanced and delicious meal.

The Pawtio will feature gourmet foods for pets and sometimes their humans. There will be live music, a minibar, and an art gallery for humans to watch while their pets dine. Guests will be greeted by a colorful, talkative macaw named Samba.

The pet menu offers a wide range of holistic and balanced meals for animals, ranging from appetizers, main dishes and desserts to pet-friendly cocktails called “lickers”. Due to health regulations, Pawtio’s kitchen is entirely dedicated to making pet food. For humans, there will be food stocks outside. There will also be a beer garden with local beers, kombucha on tap and canned cocktails.

Pet shop owners Giulio and Carolina Ferrari came up with this amazing idea. They have owned the pet store, The Paw Depot, for twelve years. Their new pet restaurant will be one block from their pet store. The couple have a passion for animals, food, music and art, so why not combine them all? They are excited to open the Pawtio.

“You won’t find anywhere else in D-FW where you can see amazing art, listen to great music, talk to friends, sit, hang, sip and give your dog a bone…or a full meal if you choose,” Giulio told Tina-Tien Nguyen with The Dallas News.

They believe that to generate a memory, a successful retail experience must always engage all five senses. The Pawtio is located in Frisco Square, naturally attracting people walking their dogs. The Ferraris want it to be a judgment-free place for all humans and animals.

The restaurant will adopt a bohemian-chic theme inspired by Tulum. There’s a blue theme, and there are even feathered chandeliers. Dogs can only see blue, yellow and shades of grayit was therefore essential that blue be the main color of the pet-staurant.

Caroline said The Dallas News“We wanted to create something that was a contemporary mix of modern design and with touches of blue in the aesthetic for the dogs. It creates a much more relaxing and peaceful environment for them to eat in.

The couple said it was not easy to get this approved by the city, and after much discussion about health and safety, they finally got the green light.

“Being the first to do anything is always difficult. I had a hard time getting this concept accepted in the city,” Julio said. “I had to talk to many city council members, technicians and the head of the health department in order to get this business concept approved.”

The Pawtio will open March 12 at 6142 Frisco Square Blvd in Frisco, Texas. The Ferarri are excited to share this with the community.

Caroline said The Dallas News“we’ve been through a lot in the past few years, and we all need to heal. We’re running out of places to do that healing. Pets and food help people drop their shields, while art and music helps people connect and heal. All of these things have helped Giulio and I heal from all the scars and traumas in our lives.

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