Five top-notch (and not boring) Brisbane date ideas for this week

Tired of the classic nightly movie and dinner combo? U.S. too. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new things to do, scouring the city for non-boring activities in Brisbane – ones that are guaranteed to take your next date way beyond the beers made before. at pub. Whether you’re taking someone on a second date or making your 100th with your partner, we’ve got some awesome (and, yes, cute) ideas for dates this week, no matter how much money you have. spend. Just think of us as your cultural wingman. You’re welcome.




Call them mixtapes, call them CD compilations, call them playlists – whatever term suits the era, there’s an art to making a great collection of tracks. This is the spirit that HOTA, Home of the Arts has introduced in its free summer exhibition. It’s the first season of mixtapes, after all, even though you use installations, video works, sculptures and paintings instead of songs.

Until Sunday February 27, Art Mixtape: Yours for the summer features over 80 works from the Gold Coast City Collection, plus new pieces by Australian and New Zealand artists. The lineup reads like a who’s who of impressive talent, including Tracey Moffatt, Sam Jinks, Soda Jerk, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori, Shaun Gladwell and Vernon Ah Kee.

While variety is key to any good mixtape and stellar show, this one is also very important on the theme of summer – although you can expect it to be interpreted in different ways. Think: retro-inspired pieces, pop culture nods and, Goldie-worthy, a supremely cheeky spirit. If you and your significant other are looking to bid farewell to the season by doing something other than sweltering on the beach, this is the way to go.




If there’s one thing the current trend for immersive art installations is particularly great for — aside from all those snaps in your Instagram feed — it helps us all pretend we’re somewhere out of the ordinary. Fancy stepping inside a famous work of art or strolling past life-size desserts? There is a pop-up for both.

Fancy winter, even though Brisbane in summer is obviously anything but? glacial glow got you covered. Given that it’s currently on display in Westfield Carindale, it will also make you and your significant other forget that you’re just in a suburban mall.

The eye-catching installation creates an arctic world using visuals, sound and light. While this may all sound standard, scenic artist Christopher Williams – who has worked on blockbuster films such as Aquaman, Thor: Ragnarok and Godzilla vs. Kong – is behind. He used his film-proven techniques to create glowing glaciers and cave art, so you won’t just appreciate the frosty look; you will also benefit from the magic of IRL cinema.

glacial glow is housed in a 500m space on level one of Westfield Carindale, and the winter wonderland is currently selling tickets until Monday 28th February. Plus, since it uses ultraviolet lighting, you’re both encouraged to wear bright colors or white clothing when you make the trip – and you’ll be beaming too.




Forget scones, jam and cream, a delicious combination though – at the Lab’s Lunar New Year teas throughout February, it ditches the classic setup. Instead, you and your partner will feast on pork belly bao, red bean buns and tangerine pies to celebrate the Year of the Tiger, with the $50 per person spread available every Saturday. and Sundays from 1 p.m. throughout the month.

Also on the menu: shrimp dumplings and xiaolongbao from the dim sum range, as well as sweets such as pistachio macaroons, pistachio-chocolate pyramids, golden chocolate leaves, chestnut meringue puff pastries and pineapple shortbread. And, to delight your eyes as much as your stomach, they will be served in a candy box.

The full 12-course lineup was designed to symbolize celebration and good fortune, if you think your luck might get a little boost as the Lunar New Year kicks off.

Something that will definitely brighten up the place: an interactive lantern installation filled with rows of lights, so be prepared to snap some snaps on your trip to the treasure as well.



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Sometimes your taste buds crave something special. They yearn for the kind of dish that you and your loved one won’t eat every day, which is a pleasure-type dining experience. Here are three things they probably demand in this situation: lobster, truffles and champagne.

If that’s your idea of ​​a gourmet meal, Lobster & Co has you sorted until Sunday, February 27 on Clem Jones Drive in South Bank. You’ll also only find those three aforementioned dishes on the menu, as it only serves lobster rolls with truffle fries and glasses of champagne.

You’ll pay $50 a pop for the food combo, which includes a whole candied lobster tail from The Geraldton Fishermans Coop in Western Australia, served on caramelized brioche bun with buttermilk fennel salad, plus a side of truffle fries with parmesan. As for the champers, it will cost you $20 more.

It is recommended that you bring your own picnic blanket so you can make yourself comfortable on a patch of South Bank grass while enjoying your lobster, chips and bubbles.




In 2011, across this country and this galaxy, a pop culture favorite gained a sing-song, caustic slapstick parody. This is the mash-up that had to happen. Who hasn’t watched George Lucas’ space opera, its sprawling drama and expansive spectacle, and wondered what a steamier, funnier version with more visible butts would look like?

Russall S Beattie clearly did it and had a feeling other people would give it a shot. The Empire undresses was the end result. It became a hit in Australia and then went overseas with great success. Now he’s back in Brisbane to once again show the Australian public that lightsabers aren’t the hottest thing in the world. star wars galaxy.

The sassy show promises “seriously sexy stormtroopers, a dangerously seductive Boba Fett, tantalizing Twi’leks, a delightfully lukewarm Taun Taun, a female Skywalker [and] the droids you’re looking for,” according to his website. Apparently Yoda doesn’t get the gendered treatment, but there’s plenty of song, dance, acrobatics, and – because it’s slapstick – the removal of clothes.

A dancing Chewie and Han is just the start of this cheeky rendition star wars cosplay. Given that it has an upbeat soundtrack, the costumes are extremely detailed, and the show throws in plenty of references to George Lucas’ original plot, it’s no surprise that local audiences – likely the same as the one who packs his bags star wars parties and large-scale screenings with a live orchestra – clung to the production.

Head to Fortitude Music Hall on Friday February 25, 2022, The Empire undresses sits next to lady of thrones in the pop culture parody stable of Beattie – so if you and your favorite person have ever seen one of your fantastic screen obsessions get the slapstick treatment, then you know what’s in store.

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