FlowerAura presents a special assortment of gifts for Valentine’s Day 2022


GURGAON, India, Jan. 13, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Countless Valentine’s Day gifts with detailed themed work, fast delivery options, customizations, great customer service, and a hassle-free user experience are at your fingertips. win for Valentine’s week at FlowerAura. From personalized Valentine-themed couple gifts to special Valentine’s Day flowers, this is a collection that declares true love. The professional team at FA Gifts have put together special V Day themed flower arrangements that feature a large collection of exotic flowers and embellishments. This stunning collection of love themed assortments is specially designed with the different phases and nature of relationships in mind. Now, customers can find glamorous flowers such as lilies, roses, orchids, gerberas, etc. in many different and rare colors. These assorted ranges of single flowers, bouquets, boxes and arrangements can also be purchased alongside the most unique and contemporary vases, tumblers and jars, each of which is decorative and many of which can be personalized.

Added in addition to the list of gifts specific to Valentine’s Day, FlowerAura offers personalized celebrity messages (you can ask your other half’s favorite celebrity to wish them a pre-recorded personalized message), personalized cards (greeting cards, both digital and physical with admirable love confessions), matching pairs of houseplants and succulents (both can have matching plants in personalized vases and planters), jewelry, perfumes, custom-made centerpieces, plush toys, etc. To top off this love list, FA Gifts also has special V Week gifts for its customers that are specially designed to hug the gift recipient on each of those individual 7 days. Customers can also now purchase a special one-week gift package which consists of special gifts for each day of Valentine’s Day (Rose Day, Proposal Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Bear Day, Day of the promise, hug day, kiss day and Valentine’s Day) that will be delivered to their loved one’s door on time, hassle-free.

As Love Week is never complete with the classic “something sweet” gift, FA Gifts has also introduced a very delicious line of desserts and chocolates. To the customer’s surprise, the staff at FlowerAura have come up with a whole new exotic collection of international, handmade organic chocolates whose packaging can be personalized with photos, initials and short messages for the gift. To top off this creativity, the Special Valentine’s Day Cake Collection is launching not only love-themed desserts but also a lively range of baskets featuring cookies, assorted chocolates, personalized messages, novelty items. personalized and engraved and more.

With special attention to the quality and variety of gift options on this day, FlowerAura is ready to wow its customers. “ We wanted to do something very special for our customers this year on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The most powerful emotion of all has to be expressed in the most grandiose way. With that in our mind, we have come up with a whole new collection, ” in a media conversation, Mr. Himanshu Chawla, CEO of FA Gifts further explained, ” This is the day of love, of show how deeply we care for our loved ones and what their presence means to us. FlowerAura will proudly display a collection of gifts that will capture the uniqueness of your relationship with your loved ones. We have gifts for everyone – parents, spouses, best friends, siblings, anyone who has filled our hearts with love. ” About FA Gifts Pvt. Ltd.

FA Gifts Pvt. Ltd. (FlowerAura and Bakingo), a pioneer in the gift industry, has thrived in the Indian market with its unique gifts (flowers, cakes, personalized gifts, combos), special moments that cannot be described in words. From 2010 under the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Himanshu Chawla and Mr. Shrey Sehgal, the company launched its first FlowerAura store in Gurgaon city. Today, we are the market leader in gifts in over 400 cities to provide a pleasant experience for every customer.

Media contact: Suman Patra [email protected] + 91-8882553333 Manager – Product and Marketing FA Gifts Pvt. Ltd.

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