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The right name can attract customers to your food truck and make the experience memorable. Many factors go into determining the perfect food truck business name. Here are some important considerations to make when starting your mobile catering business.

How to name your food truck business

The naming process may be different for each company. But these tips can help you learn how to come up with a restaurant name:

  • Determine what sets your business apart: A strong niche can provide naming ideas.
  • List the descriptors related to your business: Some of them can be useful in your brand.
  • Be catchy and concise: Potential customers need to remember your brand, so don’t complicate things.
  • Try a name generator: Use keywords to search for ideas specific to your kitchen.
  • Make sure it’s available: Check domain availability and trademarks to avoid problems.

180 Great Food Truck Names to Start Your New Business

Finding a name is one of the first steps to starting your own food truck business. The following great small business names can inspire you as you create your own unique brand. You should always check domain availability, trademarks and status databases. But they can help you come up with ideas during your start in the food truck industry.

Catchy Food Truck Names

Food trucks often have catchy names that rhyme or contain puns or alliteration. Here are some ideas if this is your style.

  • Tasty truck
  • meat cart
  • hungry hot dogs
  • Mobile Dogs ‘n’ More
  • Fiery Fried Chicken
  • pasta paradise
  • spaghetti shack
  • Brr… Chilli Truck
  • Rolling stoves
  • Take-out grills
  • truck along
  • Best bites in town
  • give me food
  • hunger machine
  • The food stop

Funny Food Truck Names

If you want to make customers laugh when they approach your food truck, consider the following name ideas.

  • Truck yum yum
  • I am satisfied
  • Say “cheese
  • Bite me!
  • The best food truck in the world
  • Better than other food trucks
  • The food guy
  • Just good food
  • Two men and a food truck
  • Take-out food
  • Bites for less
  • We cook you eat
  • eat and go
  • fancy fries
  • Seas the Day Seafood Truck

Unique Food Truck Name Ideas

All business names should be unique, but these can help your food truck stand out.

  • Chomp
  • Bistro bus
  • Botched sandwiches
  • Everything But The Kitchen Sink Food Truck
  • Quick bites
  • Good food on wheels
  • Lunch party bus
  • The food cart
  • The ultimate food
  • Fantastic sandwiches
  • sandwich shack
  • Street food 4 U
  • Mobile dogs and more
  • Real food on wheels
  • Halal Sisters

Breakfast Food Truck Name Ideas

If your food truck serves breakfast items, the following names may be relevant to your niche.

  • Waffle cart
  • shake pancakes
  • Sausage on a stick
  • Eggs and more
  • The most important meal of the day
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Breakfast in a truck
  • Breakfast Burrito Bus
  • The best chicken and waffles in the world
  • The Good Times Griddle
  • Pancake corner
  • Breakfast bistro
  • morning mayhem
  • The French Toast Truck
  • Omelet Station

Names of dessert trucks

If you serve sweet treats, these names can help you attract local foodies.

  • Traveling baker
  • Sweet tooth mobile bakery
  • Delicious desserts food truck
  • Sweet treats to go
  • delicious donuts
  • Take-out cupcakes
  • Cake on a stick
  • celestial ice cream
  • Throw the candies
  • Cake ‘n’ Bake
  • Candy cupcakes
  • The icing fountain
  • Sprinkle the cabin
  • cookie magic
  • Cake paste

pizza food truck names

Pizza can be sold by the slice or in small personal boxes. These business names can bring pizza lovers to your food truck.

  • Slice of life
  • Pie in the Sky Pizza Truck
  • Pepperoni Tony’s
  • ‘Za by the edge
  • Roll in pizza dough
  • 20 toppings
  • Make-your-own pizza
  • The pizza guy
  • Pizza party on wheels
  • Super Sauce Pizza
  • Mobile pizzeria
  • pizzalicious
  • Perfect pizza
  • Pizzeria on wheels
  • Pizza and more

Names of burger food trucks

Burgers are one of the most popular food truck menus. These name ideas are perfect for burger trucks.

  • Burger Bus
  • #1 Burger Place
  • American Burger Express
  • Take-out bread rolls
  • Burgers on Wheels
  • Best burgers in town
  • Your favorite burger
  • We love burgers
  • Cheeseburgers with cheese
  • Burger Palace
  • First class burger
  • Burgerlicious
  • The Burger Stop
  • The big town
  • Fancy burgers

Taco Truck Names

Tacos are also among the most popular food options. If you’re looking for the perfect taco truck name, consider these.

  • taco trailer
  • Crispy Quick Taco
  • taco stand on wheels
  • Taco Nomad
  • happy taco truck
  • Taco ‘Bout delicious food
  • Bring the tacos
  • give me tacos
  • Just good tacos
  • Build-it-yourself taco
  • Tacos and more
  • tacolicious
  • Take-out tacos
  • Mobile Taco Palace
  • Stop here for tacos

Coffee truck names

If you prefer to serve drinks from your mobile food stand, these cafe name ideas can help.

  • Not your average coffee stand
  • Caffeine corner
  • Coffee trolley
  • Hello Joe
  • Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee
  • Express Hot Drinks
  • A coffee please
  • The coffee stop
  • The bean bus
  • The coffee grinder
  • Pour over the palate
  • Gourmet coffee to go
  • Your favorite coffee
  • Daily dose of caffeine
  • The best coffee in the world

BBQ Truck Names

Barbecue encompasses so many popular foods. These names draw attention to themselves.

  • Best BBQ in town
  • We love BBQ
  • Ribs and more
  • The chest hut
  • Cornbread Palace
  • The Big BBQ Bus
  • Saucy barbecue
  • Hot grill barbecue
  • The BBQ of fantasies on 4 wheels
  • Grills 2 to
  • The best barbecue bites
  • It smells like barbecue
  • Rolled ribs
  • Mac ‘n’ BBQ Truck
  • wings on wheels

Mexican food truck name

Mexican street food isn’t just about tacos. These names include other popular options.

  • nomadic burrito
  • Holy Guacamole
  • Grilled Tortilla Truck
  • Tijuana Express
  • Small Sombrero
  • Mexican Conclusion
  • Spicy street food
  • Just good Mexican food
  • Salsa 2 GB
  • Fajita Party
  • Burrito bowls and more
  • Build Your Own Burrito
  • Best burrito in town
  • The big burrito
  • Corner Carnita

Asian Food Truck Names

Asian street food lends itself well to a food truck model. There are tons of unique niches in these names.

  • Pho to take away
  • Pad Thai Palace
  • give me samosa
  • Spring rolls through town
  • Nomadic Noodles
  • Shawarma hut
  • Your favorite falafels
  • Taste of Taiwan
  • heaps of noodles
  • Ready 4 Ramen
  • Just good noodles
  • Just good Asian food
  • Teriyaki to take away
  • Kabob House
  • The traveling skewer

Names for vegan food trucks

If you want to serve meatless, plant-based foods, consider these unique name options.

  • No meat here
  • Herbal Palace
  • The traveling vegan
  • Vegetables 2 GB
  • eat lettuce
  • The rotating salad
  • I can’t believe it’s not meat
  • Vegetarian
  • tasty plants
  • Very delicious vegan food
  • Veggie!
  • We love vegetables
  • The creative vegan
  • factory power
  • Oh Kale No

Best Food Truck Name Generators

A generator can help you find the perfect food truck business name using your own keywords. Here are a few to consider.

1. Business name generator

This simple business name generator lets you enter keywords and provides a list of potential options. It even checks availability.

2. TRUiC Name Generator

The TRUiC Name Generator uses AI to come up with ideas for truck company names. You can even narrow your search by location.

3. Shopify Name Generator

Shopify offers name generators for a variety of niches, including food trucks. Just enter your main keyword for ideas.

4. Writing Course Food Truck Name Generator

This writing lesson generator is more of a fun exercise. You enter your initials or random letters that line up with various terms to use in your own name.

5. BizNameWiz Generator

This BizNameWiz option allows you to enter keywords and check domain availability in a single search.

6. Mobile Kitchen Name Generator

Mobile-Cuisine offers a generator specifically for the food truck industry. It includes lots of snaps and catchy titles.

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