Four easy breakfast ideas for kids to help you get out of the house


Lazy summer mornings will soon be over, to be replaced by frantic fumbling for water bottles, iPad chargers and lunch bags. Here are four stress-free breakfast ideas to get your team up and out in no time.

Sous Vide Egg Bites

My kids and I discovered Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites one morning while we were staying. The barista misheard a whispered request for an egg sandwich as one for egg bites and delivered the delicious (but expensive!) bits of delight in a brown paper bag. My daughter watched the bites then took a tentative snack. HAPPINESS! You can make a super dupe at home for much less using an Instant Pot or oven and silicone molds. The secret to their moistness is creating a bain-marie – this steams them instead of just dry-cooking them. Once cooled, freeze them for an easy gourmet breakfast that heats up in a snap.

Still Ripe Avocado Toast

I’m an avocado FAN, but I feel like to figure out the exact minute avocados are ripe, I have to cancel all plans and fly over them like a helicopter parent. When I discovered a perfectly ripe, packaged pre-cooked avocado, I had to wipe away tears of joy. The Wholly Guacamole brand came out a few years ago with Simply Avocado dips and spreads, and I love that the ingredient list is just avocado. And Alessi makes “avocado toast seasoning,” so how much easier could that be? You can also use guacamole. Add sliced ​​hard-boiled eggs, radishes, bacon, a poached egg, or whatever your kids might like.

Overnight Oats: Dessert Series

Oats are the perfect base to turn into a dessert, breakfast bar, or even milk (homemade oat milk is amazing). Overnight oats are a no-cook method for making oatmeal – you simply soak raw old-fashioned oats in a liquid (milk or substitute) overnight. No magic. What’s magical, however, is the limitless possibilities available to you for your oatmeal recipes overnight. Take a basic recipe, like the popular one on, and experiment with different blends. For the carrot cake, add cinnamon, cream cheese, grated carrots and raisins. For strawberry cheesecake, add strawberries, cream cheese and lemon. For banana bread, add mashed ripe bananas, cinnamon, maple syrup and chopped walnuts.

Breakfast Trail Mix

Trail mix gets a bad rap because of the addition of candy-covered chocolates. Eliminate them and it’s usually a perfectly portable, high-protein snack. Making a breakfast mix is ​​a wonderful way to give your child something as they head out the door and bask in the knowledge that it’s fueling them for the day. Combine grains such as rice squares, nuts/seeds and chopped dried fruit. Then mix together with the egg whites, cinnamon sugar, ground flax seeds and salt and bake at 250 degrees for 75 minutes, or until golden and dry to the touch, stirring every 30 minutes. Once cooled, it can be portioned into sealed reusable bags and left out the back door for a high-protein meal on the go.

Cheryl Leahy is a savvy millennial mother of two who knows how to show her kids a good time. She is the host of the North Shore-focused show “Cheryl On The Shore,” which launched August 1 and is the founder of On The Shore Productions. Follow her on Instagram.

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