Four fun Easter celebration ideas for families

Get your kids involved in Easter celebrations in a different way this year by trying any of these four ideas at home.


Peeps, the polarizing sweet marshmallow confections, are a staple in most homes at Easter. But other than waiting for them to be stale, what do you do with the squishy birds? The term Peepshi was coined by good eaters over a decade ago, and it’s simply the art of using peeps to make sushi for dessert. With three simple ingredients – Rice Krispies, Peeps and Fruit by the Foot treats – you can create an array of whimsical and painful treats.


I loved making Jelly Belly candy concoctions according to their recipe cards (2 blueberries + 1 buttered popcorn = blueberry muffin). I’m always impressed with how much the flavors resemble their real life counterparts – Juicy Pear Beans definitely taste like their namesake! A few years ago my kids discovered Beanboozled – a line of horrible tasting jellybeans that are lookalikes of traditional flavors. That speckled green bean you thought was a juicy pear? BOGEY! Grab a bundle and get gross together.

Messy Egg Smash Challenge

I always buy too many eggs and then they sit in my fridge, forgotten and expired. Yes, you can color these eggs the traditional Easter way – OR you can take on the TikTok Egg Smash challenge with your kids.

All you need is an egg and a transparent container to place on it. Place the egg on your counter or table with the container upside down covering it. You then alternate hitting the bottom of the container with your hand, with the option of picking up the container. Eventually, you’ll end up in a groove, and when the container is picked up, the other person will inadvertently crush the egg. If you don’t want to use eggs, a dollop of whipped cream will also do the trick!

Easter obstacle course

Instead of coloring the eggs, color yourself. The Color Run is known as the world’s happiest 5K, an event that focuses more on health and happiness than competition. Create your own Easter obstacle course and invite your friends to participate! Just grab a white shirt and bunny ears, and order non-toxic “color run” or “holi color” powder. You can also order squeeze bottles to make it easier to toss the powder. Set up a series of obstacles – beams to balance on, laundry baskets to jump on, balloons to pop. Have parents line the course with powder, showering participants as they clear obstacles.

In the end, you will look like a human Easter egg!

Cheryl Leahy is a savvy millennial mother of two who knows how to show her kids a good time – in style. Find out more about her at Fully dressed… with nothing to drink.

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