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Fresh Ideas Products Start Here (FISH)

Vancouver, BC | University season is upon us and British Columbia’s leading seafood supplier, Fresh Ideas Start Here (FISH) is shining the spotlight on “ocean foie gras” this winter with collaborations with restaurants, Fresh units and limited edition sea urchin options at home. Available online and in-store, FISH works with its own team of local divers to find the freshest sea urchin possible.

The sea urchin season usually begins in late fall and lasts until spring. Uni is known for its rich, creamy, buttery texture and mild, brackish flavor.

“There is an abundance of sea urchins in BC waters, making it a sustainable seafood delight,” says Jenice Yu, founder and co-owner of Fresh Ideas Start Here. “In recent years, it has been wonderful to see uni included in the dishes of various restaurants, from classic Japanese dishes, such as sushi and sashimi, to uni pasta, custards, soups and more. We look forward to introducing the sea urchin to more customers.

To kick off sea urchin season this year, FISH has partnered with several restaurants in the Metro Vancouver area to celebrate “ocean foie gras” on their menu with creative dishes. Participating restaurants currently include Botanist, Boulevard and Cioppino’s, as well as Cambie Village’s Potluck Hawker Eatery with a Uni special Nasi Goreng, Savio Volpe with his white wine and his BC Green Sea Urchin Linguine, and Fanny Bay Oyster Bar with their Umami bomb. .

Seafood lovers can get their hands on a fresh solid red and green right at FISH online or at one of its two retail stores. Additionally, there are several new ways to enjoy sea urchin from FISH, including:

Adding sea urchin to any FISHBar poke order ($ 5) – For the month of November, customers can top any 20g poke bowl with fresh or smoked plain BC for $ 5.

Ultimate Uni Box ($ 95) – FISH’s uni favorites are all included in this gift set, which includes a fresh red or green uni platter (depending on availability), nori, FISH’s popular uni pasta sauce, butter uni, shoyu ikura and smoked sea urchin roe.

There will also be a limited edition FISH taiyaki treat filled with united ice cream by Chef Angus An from Maenam, available exclusively online from November 22, 2021.

“We really wanted to share with our customers different ways to enjoy uni, and uni ice cream is really unique with a sweet and savory profile,” adds Yu. “Normally we don’t have desserts at FISH, so taiyaki is a delicious new treat. We hope people give it a try!

Curbside pickup is available from Burnaby and Kitsilano locations. Additionally, FISH currently offers free shipping on all online orders of $ 100 or more.

For more information, please visit eatfish.ca.


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