From chicken to pumpkin and eggplant, here are 7 roast recipes for your Christmas feast

What is Christmas without hot plates? If you are inviting friends over to the house or having a family reunion this holiday season, you need to prepare a good meal for your guests. We all look forward to the holidays when we immerse ourselves in delicious meals, hearty desserts and scrumptious snacks without hesitation. If you haven’t set your Christmas menu yet, we suggest including roasted dishes on your spread. Meat, fish and eggs can be prepared with roasting techniques. And, they turn out really well. You won’t know it until you try to cook it yourself.

Roasts make hearty meals and are healthier alternatives to fried foods. This Christmas, try to whip up some of these recipes and add a splash of flavor to your feasts.

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Here are seven Christmas roast recipes to try:

1) Roast Chicken With Apricot And Mint Stuffing

Chicken lovers don’t need to be bored with fried chicken all the time. Stuff the chicken with spices, chopped apricots, breadcrumbs and mint. Pour the flavored broth over the tied chicken. Roast it with butter.

This ghee roast recipe is spicy.

2) Roast Chicken with Mangalore Ghee

You can’t miss this South Indian dish if you cook roast chicken. The sparkle of spicy flavors and the slightly tart hint of this dish make it a Mangalore specialty.

3) Roast Lamb

The flavors of rosemary, pepper and olive oil combine to make this dish magical. The soft and juicy texture of roast lamb, infused with these flavors, will appeal to gourmets.

4) Roast leg of lamb

The meat soaks up the flavors of ginger, garlic, garam masala and other condiments during the marinade. You can serve the roast chicken with roasted vegetables and fried potatoes on the side.


The delicious preparation of vegetables

5) Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables can be deeply satisfying. A mixture of potatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, zucchini, garlic mixed with olive oil and roasted until tender with a few pieces burnt on the outside – it’s gratifying until in the heart.

6) Roast prawns with ghee

Seafood lovers don’t have to sulk. They too can enjoy a dish of roasted prawns to lick their fingers.

7) Pumpkin and roasted eggplant roulade

It could be a hearty and warm winter evening meal. It is a mixture of eggplant, pumpkin and arbi. Trust us, pumpkin and eggplant are at their best when they meet the heat of the oven.

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