From local to global, Neha Anand leads the food business at Kings Group Ventures in style

Neha Anand, Director of Kings Group Ventures, is passionate about two things in life. His family and his food. In which she invests with intention and eternal energy. Her love for food can be tracked through her lens which she captures and shares so beautifully via her Instagram account, @foodiepro, a microblog following food around the world with a soft spot for pastries.

After a successful career in project management as a householder, Neha combined her passion for food with her business skills to run several national and international food companies. In India, she manages the local brand Circle of Crust in Pune and King’s Dairy while preparing the launch of the range of frozen desserts Fuji Cream. In Dubai, Neha is leading Circle of Crust’s international expansion as well as the launch of their new brand’s flagship location – a modern dining experience specializing in progressive Asia – launching in Spring 2022.

After tasting some of the best pizzas across continents, upon her return to India, Mrs. Neha Anand realized that there is a hugely unexplored market in the fast food industry when it comes to crust pizzas. slim. Launched in 2019, Circle of Crust, a multi-award winning pizzeria, has made its way into the hospitality industry. With the main mission, perfect dough equals perfect pizza, the first time and every time, it is on a mission to revolutionize your pizza eating experience. This is coupled with providing creatively blended flavors with high quality ingredients to consistently create an experience as unique as the pizzas they make. Circle of Crust does pizza but better.

Dining out with a dietary restriction is a frustration that Neha Anand deeply understands and has made it her mission to provide an inclusive pizza experience for gluten- and/or dairy-intolerant diners through multiple gluten-free crust options and vegan cheese like similar. -substitute similar to classic mozzarella. The service team has undergone extensive training to guide customers through make-your-own pizza choices when dining on-site and their website offers choices such as upgrading to vegan cheese hassle-free. . All of these are best enjoyed while dining at the multiple outlets spread across Pune or delivered straight to your door, piping hot.

Gluten-free crust options include a choice of classic, quinoa, or buckwheat. If you’re looking for a pan-based pizza alternative and aren’t wheat-sensitive, Circle of Crust has a plethora of nutritionally-packed crusts, from beetroot to multigrain. All inventive crusts are also vegan!

Vegan customers can choose the Marghertia, the Vegetale, the Mushroomzza and even one of Neha’s personal favorites, the Almost Kheema pizza and the Chili Garlic Potato Shots. The choices best for you at Circle of Crust are truly endless.

Taking her business to the next level, in the midst of the pandemic, Neha opened the doors for Circle of Crust to enter the global market and with Circle of Crust’s first outlet at the famous Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates, followed by Sheikh Zayed Road and almost launched Dubai Hills Mall. Dubai is just the start, acting as a launchpad for expansion into markets in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

Circle of Crust is already on the move and ready for its second phase of India expansion in Mumbai. Meanwhile, in 2022, Neha plans to lead Circle of Crust’s expansion into Singapore and, by 2024, into London. The goal is to serve desi flavors, inventive crusts and pizza, but better worldwide by 2025.

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