From low calorie sweets to fancy spirits, here are our Rakhi gift ideas

Raksha Bandhan holds a special place in the hearts of all Indians as brothers and sisters on this special occasion, commensurate with their strong emotional bonds. And to make this memorable day even more special, delight your brother with original delicacies.

Here is our curated list of gifts.

Low carb treats


This brand is on a mission to empower people to fight and overcome lifestyle diseases. They have a line of low carb snacks and candies that would make a perfect gift for someone who has diabetes or wants to eat healthy. It would be great if you could include the same in your giving guide. From premium chocolate cinnamon nuts to low carb grain free granola to low carb almond crackers, this brand has plenty of other options.


Snacking together was one of many fond memories the siblings share. And here’s a guilt-free way to make that snack tie a little more fabulous & fun. So this Rakhi, instead of going the traditional route, bombard your siblings with Phabness! Phab, a brand of healthy snacks, has great gift options including mouth-watering protein bombs, superfood bombs and even decadent protein shakes and more! In today’s world, when we try to be healthy but cling to taste, Phab’s healthy snacks are a great way to live life to the fullest!

Offer a Fruitilicious Basket (IG International)

The fruits are delicious, juicy, drool-worthy and packed with health benefits. Each type of fruit has its own set of nutrients and benefits to offer. The key is to eat fruits of different colors because each color contains a different set of healthy nutrients. IG International fruits are both unique and exotic, as well as nutritious for your health. Give love, care and health to your brothers and sisters this Rakhi season because they have always been there for you. By ordering imported fruit that is hygienically packed and delivered, you can give them the quality and freshness of fruit.

Contemporary Indian mithai and chocolate

Genda Phool

Celebrating the special bond siblings share requires special candies. Some of Genda Phool’s ingenious mithai include Hazelnut Pak which is a perfect blend of buttery and crunchy with a revised version of a Mysore Pak and Turkish hazelnuts, and Berry laddu which is a berry makeover for the classic with pieces of strawberries mixed together for a sweet and tart flavor, the Rosette which is an artisanal laddu with rose petals and premium dried fruits with a touch of lychee inside, the Paantastic Pistachio, which is made with Pishori Pista and Kolkata paan with signature house gulkand, the Moong Dal Barfi, which with each bite melts into a small creamy ground lentil for a delicious indulgence, among others. Each Genda Phool mithai bursts into a feast of flavors while leaving an aftertaste of inherited flavors.

Gour Chini

The season comes with Raksha Bandhan, giving way to irresistibly delectable mithai gifts from your siblings. Gur Chini, a premium mithai brand that is revolutionizing desi mithai with a modern twist, celebrates Raksha Bandhan with its diverse range of premium mithai to satiate our insatiable craving for mithai. From assorted Ghewars to special Monsoon Mithais, take a look at the delicious variety of premium Gur Chini Ghewars to cherish with your siblings this Raksha Bandhan. Ghewars are made with raw materials from all over the world – cashews from Indonesia, pistachios from Italy, etc. Rose Ghewar, Pistachio Rabdi Ghewar and Alphonso Mango Ghewar.

La Folie’s

Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of brotherly love, a love between contrasting personalities that makes a couple great and strong. Taking inspiration from this, La Folie’s Contrast is a collection of Chocolate Candies, each with contrasting flavors and colors bound together by dark chocolate. Collections such as Partner-in-Crime, You are my 2 am Person, or Secret Keeper each bring together chocolate candies with distinctly different flavors and names, each encapsulating the relationship the siblings share.

Moner Bistro & Dessert Bar

The Rakhi Hamper is meticulously curated by Chef Freny Fernandes and features a mix of detectable desserts for a frenetic night out or a soothing midnight chat with your bro. The eggless basket includes a dense and decadent lemon cake that is simple and classic, an assorted set of crispy vibrant macarons and a set of creamy melt-in-your-mouth Alfajores cookies, chewy caramel candies with a smooth creamy texture, a Hot Chocolate Mix to warm up chilly nights…

If you’re looking to go out a little extravagant this season and throw a party for Rakshabandhan, then you have to order the mini Croquembouche! Freshly made Profiteroles filled with delicious vanilla custard and carefully dipped in caramel then assembled in a tower. Trust us when we say it’s a show stopper and sure to brighten up your party!



From topping, dressing, dip and spread, stir-fry sauce, vegan mayo and sauce, it is more unique than the previous one in taste, aroma, texture and of color. But there is more. Each Boombay condiment has its own beautiful story, with cultural, traditional and ethical nuances that are reflected in the high quality and taste of all finished products. Products like these require great ingredients, explosive flavors, good business practices, fearless creativity and a love for simply good food. That’s why Boombay, a flavor-focused brand, is building a strong food ecosystem based on innovation, flavor, convenience, sustainability and ethics. Each condiment is carefully crafted with 100% natural ingredients to create unusual combinations and pairings that are bursting with rich flavor!

Boombay’s line of 100% plant-based condiments proves it by using pure ingredients sourced from regenerative farms to add a burst of rich flavor to every meal. The brand carefully regulates the amounts of fats, unrefined sugars and salts to create delicious, nutritionally sound condiments. All Boombay products use healthier sugars like jaggery and coconut sugar, and oils cold pressed from seeds like sesame oil and extra virgin oil to create naturally delicious and healthy flavors like no other.

Fancy spirits


Produced in the Black Forest region of Germany, Monkey47 is one of the most aromatic gins you can find. Accents of lime, fleshy berries and a woody forest floor give the gin both lightness and depth. The fresh and exuberant Monkey 47 is sure to become a favorite for those who are experimental and modern yet highly evolved.


Chivas 12, a 12 year old blend, is created to be enjoyed as part of an energetic party time. The new Chivas 12 seeks to capture the attention of a new generation of affluent, status-conscious and style-conscious Scotch Whiskey drinkers. Made from the finest malt and grain Scotch whiskies, this 12-year-old blended Scotch whiskey is the signature blend and will make an ideal gift for your brother or sister.

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