From orange and cranberry breakfast muffins to cucumber salad: 10 vegan recipes that went viral in the last week!


When everyone’s eyes are on a recipe, you know it must have something special that you’ll want to try! Such is the case with these 10 viral vegan recipes that went viral last week. They’re some of the best, and trust us when we say you don’t want to miss these amazing viral recipe creations from our bloggers!

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1. Cranberry Orange Breakfast Muffins

Vegan orange and cranberry breakfast muffins

Source: Orange Cranberry Breakfast Muffins

These Orange Cranberry Breakfast Muffins from Shanika Graham-White are everything! They make the perfect on-the-go breakfast, or maybe a nice dessert or maybe a snack in between. These muffins are also whipped together in one bowl!

2. Cucumber salad

Vegan cucumber salad

Source: Cucumber Salad

This cucumber salad from Jackie Sheehan is super easy to make and makes a delicious side dish or tasty snackJ

3. Healthy Easy White Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Healthy vegan cookies with white chocolate and caramel

Source: Healthy Easy White Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Made with an oatmeal base, gooey caramel center and white chocolate filling. These Healthy Easy White Chocolate Caramel Cookies from Hayley Canning are really so delicious!

4. Dark Chocolate Coconut Yogurt Cake Bites

Vegan Dark Chocolate Coconut Yogurt Bites

Source: Dark Chocolate Coconut Yogurt Cake Bites

The rich filling of these Joyce Gan Dark Chocolate Coconut Yogurt Cake Bites is encased in a dark chocolate shell. And they are naturally sweet!

5. Grilled parmigiana zucchini

Vegan grilled parmigiana zucchini

Source: Grilled Parmigiana Zucchini

My mother does not fry food. She never did; she never will. I hated it as a kid, but now I’m grateful that she taught me how to make delicious food that’s also healthy and good for us. That’s why this Grilled Zucchini Parmigiana from Alice Carbone Tench is in the section dedicated to it, because whenever I have the opportunity to grill or fry something, I always follow my mother’s example and I take out the grill.

6. Stir-fried pasta with mushrooms and spinach

Vegan pasta with sautéed mushrooms and spinach

Source: Sautéed Pasta with Mushrooms and Spinach

You may be skeptical about cooking pasta, its sauce and all the other ingredients in the same pan, but it’s so easy and just as tasty as cooking the pasta and sauce separately! Kirsten Kaminski’s Spinach and Mushroom Stir Fry Pasta features the classic combination of mushrooms and spinach in a creamy sauce. Once you’ve made this dish, you can change the pasta, sauce, and vegetables in endless ways.

7. Tofu sofrito bowl

Vegan tofu sofrito bowl

Source: Tofu Sofrito Bowl

This tofu sofrito bowl makes the most of the spices in your pantry. Tofu is also a great way to get more protein, which is essential for supporting the immune system and rebuilding gut cells on a low FODMAP diet. The sofrito is great on its own, but I added even more flavor and texture with easy pickled cabbage and diced kohlrabi. These tofu sofrito bowls from Desiree Nielsen have everything you need to fight inflammation and improve gut health: lots of vegetables, lots of fiber and anti-inflammatory nutrients to promote healing. This will keep well in the fridge for up to five days, so it’s perfect for meal prep.

8. Red pepper and sun-dried tomatoes Shakshuka chickpeas

Vegan Shakshuka with Red Peppers and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Source: Red pepper and sun-dried tomatoes Shakshuka chickpeas

This Chickpea Shakshuka with Red Peppers and Sun-Dried Tomatoes from Amy Lanza is bursting with flavor, color and texture and only takes 25 minutes to prepare. It is an excellent complete dish perfect with pieces of bread for brunch or with rice and potatoes for dinner.

9. Chickpea Omelette

Vegan Chickpea Omelet

Source: Chickpea Omelette

When I was transitioning to a plant-based diet, dairy alternatives came easy to me, but I had no idea how to recreate my favorite egg dishes. Then a genius figured out that chickpea flour – a staple in many South Asian cuisines – would work. Chickpea flour offers filling protein and plenty of minerals to make it a truly nutritious substitute. This Chickpea Omelet from Desiree Nielsen is one of my favorite breakfasts and it turns into a terrific dinner too. Once you’ve mastered it, you can stuff this omelette with any of your favorite toppings, from spinach and tofu feta to roasted red peppers and onions.

10. Grilled leeks with vegan feta cheese

Vegan Grilled Leeks with Vegan Feta Cheese

Source: Grilled Leeks with Vegan Feta Cheese

I love leeks and like to grill just about any vegetable I have in the fridge. When you add Vegan Feta Cheese to these Vegan Feta Cheese Grilled Leeks from Alice Carbone Tench, you make a perfect starter.

Learn how to cook plant-based meals at home

Reducing your meat intake and eating more plant-based foods is known to help chronic inflammation, heart health, mental well-being, fitness goals, nutritional needs, allergic, gut health, and After! Unfortunately, the consumption of dairy products has also been linked to many health problems, including acne, Hormonal imbalance, cancer, Prostate cancer, and has a lot Side effects.

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