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Wednesday 22 December 2021

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Some creations by Douglas Tella. PHOTO: Tella Instagram

A native of Warwick, Douglas Tella did not aim to be a pastry chef and chocolate maker.

He went to Berklee College of Music for drums; he then studied orchestral percussion at Rhode Island College.

But now, it’s her masterful and artfully designed molded candies that have kept Tella anticipating the official launch of her own line of candy, which is set to debut in 2022.


“The goal is to finally have my own little display case and focus on these artisanal chocolates,” Tella said of the sweet treats that can be eaten in “one or two bites”.

What about cocoa concoctions? According to his Instagram account, flavors include innovative creations such as lemon lavender and honey mandarin, apple cider caramel and walnut praline, and more.

But before you even take a bite, it’s the vibrating boxes that catch your eye.

“It’s all chocolate – the glossy coloring is cocoa butter which is a tempered fat soluble food coloring,” Tella said.

How about making the chocolates? It’s a complex, multi-step process, according to Tella.

From Pilgrim High to Percussionist to Pastry Chef

“I’ve been in restaurants since I was 14,” Pilgrim High School graduate Tella told GoLocal.

He said he balanced his music education, then his teaching, while also being a culinary chef, and then started focusing on desserts – and baking – in his 30s. He returned to school in Johnson and Wales.

“I went to work at Bacaro as a pastry chef, then Terrazzo in Smithfield, then at Agawam [Hunt country club] as an executive pastry chef, ”Tella said.

Currently, Tella is a pastry chef at Ella’s in Westerly.

“Executive chef Jeannie Roland has won numerous awards,” said Tella d’Ella’s. “It’s his dessert menu; I will make several special desserts [each night]. “

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Cranberry and caramelized chocolate candies. PHOTO: Tella Instagram

Tella said it was during an intensive workshop with another great chef – Melissa Coppel – in Las Vegas where he honed his candy skills, that he said he will be offered for sale soon. retail at Ella’s, and hopefully then online.

Currently, he sells sixteen-piece sets featuring eight different flavors, and his customers usually come to his Instagram account by word of mouth.

For Tella, who makes the creations in her temperature-controlled kitchen at home (as state law allows), the process is a step-by-step – and day-to-day, effort.

“It’s actually a three-day process,” said Tella, who said making the candy was “a bit like painting a house.”

“So there is the preparation of the ingredients, then the [color] the application takes five minutes, ”Tella said of the“ multiple super fine applications ”of cocoa butter colorant that produce the luminous shells.

And between each color application?

“You have to wait 24 hours,” he said.

“After the New Year, we’ll start selling them at Ella, and eventually hopefully set up an LLC and launch a brand,” said Tella, who said he plans to set up buying and selling. online shipping, first via Instagram and then possibly a dedicated website.

Tella said its “Sugarcraft Artisan Chocolates” line is expected to officially launch in early 2022.

And if you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift from her chocolates, you might want to look forward to Valentine’s Day.

“At the moment I’m pretty limited in terms of the product,” he said. “But I plan to have a lot more to offer by then.”

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