Good Factor Peel Recipes: Spicy Lemon Roast Chicken and Blood Orange Almond Cake


While the end of January can often be a bit cold and dull, this time of year also heralds the start of citrus season. The promise of a little color and delicacies around the corner when you need it most. A good greengrocer will now stock fist-sized lemons, sharp Seville oranges for marmalade, and incomparable glorious blood oranges. On the outside, these blood fruits look just like their counterparts, but the skin hides dramatic ruby ​​red flesh. Depending on the variety, the blood reference can be anything from red-spotted segments to full crimson. They have a combination of sweet and slightly sweet and sour flavors and are good to eat on their own or squeeze the juice into something shiny for a catchy and delicious drink.

Another staple guaranteed to cheer the heart on a gray day is a well-done cake. Add the magic of blood oranges and you have something really special. Slices of citrus fruits are cooked in an orange syrup then placed at the bottom of a cake mould. The dough has ground almonds and is lightened with yogurt. During baking, the syrup-coated fruits melt into the cake. Once out, it should then be anointed with more syrup to add a layer of sticky lushness. It’s especially comforting with a cup of tea if you heat it up and add fresh yogurt.

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