Healthy homemade recipes from Drew Barrymore

When Hollywood stars get a little more … mature, they often add in restoration projects to create a “portfolio” career: everyone from George Clooney selling tequila to Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness recipes, through Stanley Tucci presenting documentaries on Italian cuisine.

Drew Barrymore took it a step further: Not only did she write her own cookbook, but she regularly advocates for other chefs and writers on her TV show Drew Barrymore.

Her own book, Rebel Homemaker, is a collection of recipes and thoughts on food, design, parenting, gardening, and more. The recipes, which she co-wrote with chef and friend Pilar Valdes, mix the super-simple and the most involved, but the common thread is food that nourishes, like these four light recipes, perfect for the start of the season. a new year, demonstrate.

She wrote the book in the first year of the pandemic and often reflects in it how lucky she is to have access to healthy food, as well as the praise of those who have fed and fed others during the Covid crisis.

Barrymore, who likes to get his hands dirty and loves carbs (a bowl of pasta in particular), says his favorite meal is “any breakfast my daughters make for me.” With varying degrees of edible.

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