Hearty meals are plentiful on the menu at Kankakee Grille | Food and cooking

If you’re looking for comfort food, you’ll find it on the menu at the Kankakee Grille at the Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan.

The restaurant, which opened in January 2021, offers a good selection of starters, sandwiches, Kankakee favorites, baked pizzas, various appetizers and desserts.

When the restaurant opened last year, kitchen staff said the goal was to provide “comfort food with a twist.” The restaurant always offers hearty comfort food on the menu which has a little something for everyone.

The Kankakee Grille also has a stage and offers entertainment on weekends.

During a recent weekend visit, diners were entertained by Mike Talbot, who performed an assortment of soft rock tracks like The Eagles, James Taylor and others.

Our dinner choices that night were the Fried Blue Gill Platter ($ 20) and the Roast Pot Braised ($ 20). Both were filling portions. The Blue Gill platter featured six pieces of fish with a light and flavorful breading. The starter was accompanied by fries of parmesan truffles and a slightly tangy sriracha coleslaw. The braised roast was served with mashed potatoes and a crispy side of Brussels sprouts. A red wine sauce was a tasty addition to the pot roast.

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