Here’s what’s on the menu at Newcastle’s new Jollibee chicken restaurant and how much it costs.

Newcastle’s first Jollibee restaurant opened to a huge line of customers on Thursday morning and already people can’t get enough of its crispy fried chicken.

The Philippine-founded fast food restaurant opened on the city’s Northumberland Street and offers chicken and spaghetti dishes with a ‘Southeast Asian twist’.

The chain has become popular around the world for its signature crispy fried “Chickenjoy” as well as “Jolly Spaghetti,” which is made with a sweet sauce and loaded with cheese and hot dog slices.

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A new range of dishes have also been added to the Newcastle restaurant menu, including a spicy chicken burger, chicken wrap and chicken loaded Sriracha fries. The chain will also serve halal meat.

Here’s what’s on the menu and how much it costs:


A piece of Chickenjoy for £ 2.41

A piece of Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti for £ 6.66

Chickenjoy Two Piece Meal with Side and Drink for £ 5.43

Chickenjoy three piece meal with side and drink for £ 6.04

Six-piece Chickenjoy bucket with three dips for £ 12.10

Eight Piece Chickenjoy Bucket with Four Dips for £ 15.99

Twelve Piece Chickenjoy Bucket with Six Dips for £ 23.00

The Jollibee Newcastle menu.

Meal bucket

Chickenjoy bucket with four servings of fries, four drinks and four dips

Eight coins for £ 19.97 and twelve coins for £ 26.03

Family partyChickenjoy bucket with two servings of fries, two chicken burgers, four chicken fillets, four drinks and four dips

Eight coins for £ 31.48 and twelve coins for £ 37.54

Chicken tenders

One Piece Chicken Fillet for £ 1.78

Two-piece chicken fillet for £ 3.35

Chicken fillets with sauce of your choice

Three coins for £ 5.25 or four coins for £ 6.60

Chicken fillet meal with side drink and dip

Three coins for £ 7.49 or four coins for £ 8.84

Bowl of rice

Chicken Rice Bowl for £ 6.04

Loaded fries and wraps

Sriracha Chicken Loaded Fries € 4.82

Chicken wrap for £ 4.47

chicken burgers

Chicken burger for £ 3.99

Chicken burger meal with fries and drink for £ 5.99

Spicy Chicken Burger for £ 3.99

Spicy Chicken Burger Meal with Fries and Drink for £ 5.99

Double chicken burger € 8.06

Double Chicken Burger Meal with Fries and Drink for £ 10.89

Tropical Chicken Burger for £ 5.99

Tropical Chicken Burger Meal with Fries and Drink for £ 7.99

Burgers and spaghetti

Yumburger for £ 2.77

Yumburger meal with fries and drink for £ 4.85

Cheese Yumburger for £ 3.02

Yumburger with cheese meal with fries and drink for £ 5.09

Double Yumburger with cheese for £ 5.44

Double Yumburger Meal with Cheese, Fries and Drink for £ 7.49

Jolly Spaghetti for £ 5.32


Medium fries for £ 2.54

Plain rice for £ 1.72


Vanilla Cup Swirl for £ 1.38

Chocolate sundae for £ 1.96

Mango Coconut Ice Cream for £ 2.23

Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream for £ 2.23

Dipping sauces

Sriracha Mayonnaise for 50p

Sweet pepper sauce for 50p

Asian chili sauce with ginger for 50p

Garlic mayonnaise for 50p

Sauce £ 1.49

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