India vs South Africa: Authentic Odisha cuisine on the menu for both teams at Cuttack Hotel

As Indian and South African cricketers reached Odisha for the upcoming second match between India and South Africa which would be played at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack on June 12, another matter had caught the attention of the fans. Both teams checked in at the Mayfair Hotel in Bhubaneswar. Fans are curious about the food their favorite cricketers will be served here.

The players’ menu will be a high protein and carbohydrate diet, bearing in mind that players spend long hours on the pitch. At each meal, cricketers will be offered a choice of dishes from each section of the diet.

Sumptuous authentic Odia cuisine in addition to pan-Indian cuisine

While Indian players will mainly be served a vegetable platter, Proteas options include non-vegetarian platters like Biltong, Boerewors, South African cuisine dinner favourite, Bobotie, Potjiekos (Pot food), Braai as well as l grilled and roasted lamb.

“As Mayfair is a 5 star luxury hotel, we have plenty of options in the food section. However, as players are more inclined towards healthy options, we have incorporated their requirements into our menu such as soups, salads, live counters”, oriental, japanese and indian. In addition to all this, we have also included Odia cuisine in the buffet which consists of Dalma and a variety of pithas such as chakuli, manda pitha, arisa,” staff at Mayfair Hotel told India Today.

“Additionally, we also serve almond and soy milk, multigrain rolls, fresh juices and fruit. Granola bars, gluten-free snacks and entrees are also part of the menu. basic and organic ingredients like bajra, jawar and other varieties of millet will be used to make Chappatis,” the staff added.

Chhena Poda and Baked Rassgolla as dessert will be there in every meal along with other healthy desserts

Speaking to India Today, Odisha Tourism staff Anshuman Rath said, “It’s good to know that the hotel mainly serves Odia cuisine, player feedback, who have their own fans, will add to the number of tourists visiting the state.

Meanwhile, Wayne Parnell, the left arm bowler for the fast and medium paced South Africa team, said in a media interaction:
“It was very nice here. You guys are very welcoming. It’s great here. Two things India does well, one is cricket and the second is hospitality,” Parnell remarked.

He said the place where they are staying is very beautiful while adding that it was his first visit to the state.

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