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Although I mostly work from home now, I miss our corporate potlucks, in which each department would set up various food stations.

One of my favorites was our annual St. Patrick’s Day potluck.

In 2013, the team at Rochester Magazine had, under my watch, forgotten – it was probably more apathy than forgetfulness – to set up food in our office. All day the PB staff walked around, plates in hand, then realized we had nothing to offer.

It did not go unnoticed by senior management.

So, in 2014, I decided to join the team (then consisting of four women and me) for St. Patrick’s Day.

As an educational tool for other managers, I’ve included the chain of emails between me and the four members of the magazine team at that time – Employee #1, Employee #2 , Employee #3 and Jennifer Koski.

I call this business leadership lesson “How to Rally Your Team to Go Green!”

Just in time for your company’s St. Patrick’s Day.

All of these emails, by the way, happened while we were sitting about 8 feet apart.

To: The Rochester Magazine Staff
By: Steve Lange
Hello, Rochester Magazine team!

Just a helpful reminder, March 14 is the Post-Bulletin Potluck. We take care of green desserts!


From: Employee #1
The very first thing that came to mind was the green jelly from “Christmas Vacation”!

From: Steve Lange:
Here is!

It’s CREATIVE and FUN! It’s still not quite what we’re looking for, but I love how you let your imagination run wild!

Let’s try again with this imagination that was reigning a little, please!

Who has another fun idea, ladies?

From: Jennifer Koski:
Who is it? And what did you do with Steve?

From: Steve Lange:
Ha! Ha!

Oh, Jenny, you’re a dot!

Now back to focusing on green dessert ideas for next Friday’s potluck! Or should I say Pot O’Luck?!

By: Jennifer Koski
Please stop this.

From: Employee #3:
Let’s go to McDonald’s and buy a bunch of Shamrock shakes.

From: Steve Lange:
Hey (Employee #3), that’s a good idea!

But I think HOMEMADE items are way more fun, creative AND personal when it comes to telling our story.

And that’s really what we’re going to do here — tell the story of our department.

But let’s take this fun idea and personalize it! How about making our own “FunRock Shakes!” We might even get hats to make it look like we came from a restaurant similar to McDonald’s! Maybe call our restaurant McRochester McMagazine!

From: Jennifer Koski:
Please make this stop. Seriously.

From: Employee #1:
Maybe green ice cream with green ice cream cones, with green toppings – like green jelly beans. And green marshmallows. And the green Cool Whip. A ‘Sundae Funday’ bar…with Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.

From: Steve Lange:

Now we speak, Employee #1!

This is exactly the kind of attitude that will allow us to tell our story the way we want!

Sundae Funday! I love it!

I’m still waiting for real suggestions from Jenny!

From: Jennifer Koski:
We can simply let the mint chocolate chip ice cream melt and dispense it into cups.

And it’s Jennifer.

From: Steve Lange:

Jenny – I hate being a Sour Sally, but it seems like the majority of your ideas are making fun rather than being a real teammate!

We all love a good rib, but I’d really like to see some more productive – and realistic – ideas tossed around on your end as well.

All the other ladies really seem to be on board, and we could use your help too.

I know you have some great ideas, and we’d love to hear them!

Waiting for your comments!

From: Steve Lange:

Steve Lange is the editor of Rochester Magazine. His column appears every Tuesday.

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