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Bill King

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I appreciate the occasional fine dining opportunity. Mrs. Story’s Dairy Bar, in Opelika, is fine dining… that suits me very well.

Of course, you can’t dine inside because they don’t have seats inside. In fact, they don’t even have any seats outside anymore. Previously, they had a few outdoor tables and chairs, but even those disappeared during the COVID shutdown. All of their food is now take out.

You can either go back to your car and eat it or go home and eat it. In fact, I think the reason some people eat theirs in the car is because they can’t wait to get home.

Ms. Story’s has a fairly wide variety of items. You can get a short hot dog or a foot long. Why would anyone want to get a short one is beyond my comprehension, unless you’re really hungry and want to get both. It’s the long and the short of what they have.

Now, if you’re looking for good burgers, tangy wings, chicken fingers, or a salad, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Mrs. Story’s sells hot dogs. You can add a cup of her famous chili, but don’t expect it to be like soup. Don’t expect fries with this either, but they do have a variety of fries.

Speaking of variety, don’t think there isn’t much. You can get a hot dog with chili, or with cheese, or with coleslaw, or with cheese and coleslaw, or nothing at all. For dessert, Mrs. Story’s has ice cream. After all, it’s a dairy bar. It’s not hand dipped, but the kind of machine every local burger restaurant had when I was young. You can get it in a cone, mug, milkshake, etc.

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