Kuih salesman mentoring young people in business


KANGAR: A retiree set up a stall in front of his house in Taman Sena Indah three years ago with the intention of encouraging young people to go into business and it was a success.

Pak Din Kuih Stall 2020 is now popular with its range of traditional cakes and snacks, produced by locals.

Stall owner Jamaluddin Muhamad, 72, said he had been selling kuih for about 20 years on a wheeled cart.

“Even then, most of the kuih sold on my wheeled cart were produced by the young people of Kangar who were going into business.

“I just earn a small commission. My intention is to help them sell their desserts,” he recently told Bernama.

Jamaluddin, popularly known as Pak Din, said most of the kuih makers he has helped come from families who are working hard to make ends meet.

“It’s the only way for me to help them, to start small by producing desserts and snacks. I’m happy and proud to see that many young people have the desire to do business,” he added.

His advice to young unemployed people is not to be afraid to go into business.

“Start small, InsyaAllah, with effort we can succeed,” said the National Post retiree.

Jamaluddin noted that some of the popular desserts sold at his stall include kuih tepung pelita, kuih kochi, pulut udang, tapai and kuih getas.

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