Lil’Goodness Launches India’s First Prebiotic Cocoa Powder

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsSee) • The richness of natural prebiotic fibers and real cocoa ensure benefits for intestinal health and cardiovascular health.

• Ideal partner for home cooking and commercial use.

• Deployment of 100Baking Dreams, a special initiative to encourage baking talent in India.

Lil’Goodness, the health-focused food and snack brand, has introduced prebiotic cocoa powder with no added sugar for the first time in India. Made with natural prebiotic fiber and antioxidant-rich 100% real cocoa, gut and heart healthy Prebiotic Cocoa Powder will make popular homemade recipes for dark chocolates, chocolate desserts, smoothies, healthily delectable chocolate mousse for families, especially for children.

Aimed at millennial families with children, Lil’Goodness Prebiotic Cocoa Powder contains prebiotics from natural sources, cocoa antioxidants for heart health and immunity. Prebiotic Cocoa Powder contains reduced fat cocoa powder (99.98%) derived from ethically grown cocoa from Ghana and naturally occurring fructo-oligosaccharides (3%). While prebiotics improve gut health, aid digestion, and improve the absorption of minerals and vitamins, cocoa, rich in antioxidants called flavonoids, promotes heart health and fights inflammation. Existing cocoa powders do not contain any of the gut health benefits.

With Lil’Goodness Prebiotic Cocoa Powder, commercial bakers, home bakers and cocoa lovers will be able to make delicious, gut-friendly chocolate desserts and snacks at home.

Priced at Rs. 250 for a 150g pack, Lil’Goodness Prebiotic Cocoa Powder uses premium cocoa for a smooth baking experience. The product will be available across all channels – online on the Lil’Goodness website, online marketplaces – Amazon, Flipkart, Cred, Big Basket, and select retail and kirana stores nationwide.

The launch of Lil’Goodness Prebiotic Cocoa Powder, coinciding with World Chocolate Day, gives bakers and cocoa lovers one more reason to savor the richness of cocoa with popular chocolate recipes.

To spread the joy of baking with natural cocoa powder and help home bakers achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, Lil’Goodness launched 100Baking Dreams. Under this unique initiative, 20 bakers will be selected based on their innovative recipes and will receive cash prizes of up to Rs. 1 lac each to improve their baking skills.

Commenting on the launch, Harshavardhan S, Founder of Lil’Goodness, said, “With the launch of India’s and possibly the world’s first prebiotic cocoa powder, homemade snacks and desserts are taking a healthy and eco-friendly twist. of the intestine. Launching India’s first prebiotic cocoa powder is part of our vision to promote healthy indulgence among people. It’s a great choice for commercial bakers, home bakers, and parents looking for nutritious baking companions to prepare desserts and snacks for their children. The combination of Goodness and authentic, high-quality cocoa provides an excellent baking experience with functional health benefits. About Lil’Goodness Lil’Goodness is a new era food and nutrition startup changing the way people eat, especially how younger generations get good nutrition. Since its launch in May 2020, they have sold one million units of India’s first gut-healthy prebiotic chocolates. They are also the first to launch the super grain ”Teff” in India as well as introducing an algorithmic nutrition based subscription program for snacking. To learn more about Lil’Goodness and its products, visit REP REP

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