Local business expands to bring small-batch ice cream to Kingston’s Market Square

From the folks behind Kingston favorite Mio Gelato comes Churn, a small ice cream shop overlooking Springer Market Square in downtown Kingston. Photo by Emily Elliott.

Kingstonians and tourists alike will have something delicious to cool off with this summer.

On Thursday, May 26, Churn Small Batch Ice Cream opened in downtown Kingston. Located on King Street, just opposite Springer Market Square, the store offers a wide variety of unique flavors.

Visitors might spot some familiar faces serving up their scoops, as this boutique is the newest project of the famous Kingston store. Mio Gelato.

“It was now or never,” said Erin Allen, Churn’s chief operations officer, referring to their decision to open last week.

Behind the scenes, Mio Gelato has grown. Allen said there had been talk of building a factory for about five years, but the idea didn’t materialize until early 2021. She also said they had secured a location for the factory on Innovation Drive in East Kingston, where the bulk ice will be produced. But with more creative flavors and ideas in mind, Allen also wanted to branch out into something new.

So why ice cream instead of gelato? “We wanted to do something that wouldn’t be in extreme competition with Mio Gelato,” Allen said.

So far, community engagement has been overwhelming. “It was amazing,” said Faith Green, Churn’s store manager. “We’ve had a very good turnout so far. There’s a lot of Mio Gelato fans coming in, and a lot of people who saw us on Instagram, … so it’s been great so far.

Allen said there were also a lot of pedestrians in the store. This no doubt has to do with its prime location, which is one of the main reasons they jumped on the space when it became available.

So, what mouth-watering items can you expect when visiting Churn? According to Green, a popular choice has been the frosted animal cookie flavor: “It’s super tasty and super colorful. It is very exciting for all ages.

“Plus, we have a cosmic brownie, which has been very popular,” Allen added. “It’s chocolate with brownie bits and rainbow chocolate chips.”

If those flavors aren’t enough to tickle your taste buds, the shop also offers a variety of toppings and sauces to customize your dessert.

Whether you’re right downtown in the summer sun and looking for a cold confection, or looking to support a local business while reaping all the sweet rewards, Churn is one of Kingston’s new hotspots. to cool off, offering just one more way to make summer in Kingston cool and joyful!

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