McDonald’s fan shares menu hack to make dessert that tastes like “heaven”

Food lover has gone viral on social media after sharing a McDonald’s dessert hack to create a treat they say is ‘heavenly’ that isn’t available on the menu

The hack has gone viral

When it comes to McDonald’s, a lot of people like to treat themselves to a McFlurry or apple pie.

But have you ever thought about combining the two desserts?

This is the awesome hack that a food fan came up with and it went viral on social media as a result.

Adrien Widjy ( @adrianwidjy ) from Sydney, Australia, shared a preview of his stuffed apple pie on TikTok, proclaiming it to be a “must hack.”

He explains, “The McDonald’s hack. You MUST do this ASAP!

“Take whatever ice cream you like, I took an Oreo McFlurry and stuffed it into apple pie.

“Trust me!”

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In the clip, Adrian can be seen removing one end of the apple pie and putting some of the ice cream inside.

He then takes a bite of the dessert before describing it as “heaven”.

“Heaven, seriously! This sound is the proof, ”he said before making a big“ mmmm ”.

He puts ice cream in the pie

Over 14,000 people have since watched the video, and hundreds liked it.

One person said, “Omg YES!

Another replied, “YUM, I MUST TRY. “

And this isn’t the only McDonald’s ice cream hack that’s been causing a stir on TikTok lately, although it certainly looks tastier.

We’ve also seen people mixing vanilla ice cream with chili oil – and we’ve tried it ourselves.

The craze seems to have started in China, where the unusual dessert was briefly sold and has since been picked up in a viral video by Ryan paturzo, an Australia-based food lover and producer of Buzzfeed’s Tasty series.

In his music video, Ryan explains, “Order a plain Sundae first, then you’ll top it with chili oil.

“The mixture creates a salty and sweet creamy flavor with a crunchy texture.”

He adds that while it sounds odd, viewers should trust him because the dessert will take your taste buds on “a wild adventure.”

And he’s not wrong … well, not completely anyway.

After trying the controversial dessert, I agree that it’s definitely “wild”, but it’s not something I think I would ever eat again.

The initial bite was interesting. It’s an explosion of flavor that hits your taste buds really hard, starting off as slightly sweet before quickly being overpowered by a strong salty heat.

I had naively hoped that the combination of ingredients would cancel each other out, so it wouldn’t be terribly hot, but a few spoonfuls in it, my lips and the back of my throat were burning.

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