McDonald’s is permanently removing four items from the menu – but adding seven


McDonald’s is making a series of changes to its menu for fast food fans. The Golden Arches introduce new items and retire fan favorites.

Maccies confirmed the news in a series of press releases this week. The changes were made on March 16 – and drew angry reactions from some.

In controversial news, McDonald’s has pulled its Chicken Big Mac from sale. The Double Big Mac has also been removed. Other items removed are mozzarella dips and Galaxy McFlurry.

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But if you’re a fan of McDonald’s signature ice cream desserts, fear not. For Easter, the fast food chain has reintroduced its Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry.

He also brought back Big Tasty, the new Big Tasty BBQ, Crispy Chicken and Chilli Cheese Bites. Cadbury Caramel McFlurry and Big Tasty Bacon are also on the menu.

The Chicken Big Mac was released as a limited edition on February 2 and was much the same as a regular Big Mac with the special sauce, but had chicken patties instead of beef burgers. It costs £4.09 for the sandwich only, or £5.59 for a medium meal with chips and a drink.

But the item quickly became a firm favourite, forcing McDonald’s to temporarily remove the item from sale due to phenomenal demand.

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