McDonald’s menu change: Kiwi customers furious after McFlurry options change

Trial & Error’s Sinead and Chris take a look at McDonald’s best and worst mashups.

Kiwi customers have taken to social media to express their disappointment with McDonald’s after the fast food giant stopped adding hot fudge sauce to its McFlurrys.

Ryan Williams, an avid fan of the popular frozen dessert, shared his frustration with the lack of sauce after visiting McDonald’s on Constellation Drive in Auckland with his friends.

“We thought we were blessing our taste buds with the sweet sensation of an M&M McFlurry. However, our experience was pretty much anything but that,” Williams wrote on Facebook.

“Once we received our desserts my friends and I were flabbergasted that the M&M McFlurry had no sauce with it.”

After inquiring with the staff, thinking they had simply forgotten the sauce or had run out, a young member of staff told them that they “don’t serve McFlurrys with sauce anymore because it’s is a new protocol,” Williams said.

“I hope you seriously reconsider your ‘protocols’ because even your staff claim it’s a scam. I’m not annoyed, I’m just disappointed.

Joseph Hawkey Snowden was drunk on his way to McDonald's when he hit an oncoming car.  Picture/File
Joseph Hawkey Snowden was drunk on his way to McDonald’s when he hit an oncoming car. Picture/File

Other Facebook users shared their disappointment at McDonald’s decision to play with a menu favorite.

“I am not easily outraged. But it is an abomination. we wrote.

“Outrageous, absolutely despicable,” said another.

McDonald’s responded to Williams’ Facebook complaint, saying they had to remove the sauce to “reduce the overall sugar content” of the McFlurry “in accordance with a supplier’s global rules.”

With the changes, the McFlurry now contains around 50 grams of sugar per serving.

“We understand this will be disappointing for some McFlurry fans, but unfortunately we are forced to make the change in order to still be able to offer M&M McFlurry,” a spokesperson said.

They explained that customers could still add sauce to McFlurrys if they wanted, but it would no longer be served automatically.

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