McDonald’s summer menu will take you to Hawaii

While summer vacation is a treasured time for many to visit new places and make wonderful memories, not everyone is feeling the mood this year.

Soaring flight costs and canceled flights have made air travel more difficult this year, not to mention record fuel costs (although thankfully these are starting to drop, providing relief to many stressed commuters).

Luckily, if you can’t travel to your favorite summer destinations for whatever reason, you can enjoy summer foods wherever you are. There’s always joy to be found in a chilled slice of watermelon, a perfectly grilled cheeseburger or hot dog, or the all-important summer popsicle.

Fast-food brands see an opportunity in this season, naturally, and are tweaking their menus to appeal to people’s tastes as temperatures continue to soar.

McDonald’s (MCD) – Get the McDonald’s Corporation report is the latest big name to come up with something more to please people’s palates, at least in one key market. But rather than adding a single item, the classic chain decided to offer an all-new menu based on one of the world’s most beloved summer vacation spots: Hawaii.

What’s on the McDonald’s menu for the summer?

Whether you’ve never been to Hawaii or it’s a regular destination on your travels, McDonald’s new menu has a lot of things you might recognize.

Called “Hawaiian Burgers,” the collection features a total of eight new items to choose from (and only three of them are actually burgers).

The first is called Cheese Loco Moco, which is a classic Hawaiian sandwich made with white rice, a beef patty, a fried egg, and a brown gravy that often contains caramelized onions.

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McDonald’s swaps the rice for buns and the fried egg for an egg patty, adds a slice of cheddar cheese, and replaces the brown sauce with what it calls “a special Hawaiian barbecue sauce.”

The second, Garlic Shrimp, features a fried shrimp patty and spicy sauce, topped with lettuce and mayonnaise and served on buns topped with shredded cheese.

And the third in the line combines a beef patty with a fried potato patty, Hawaiian barbecue sauce and jalapeno mayo sauce, all sandwiched between the same cheese bun.

McDonald’s is also offering four new Hawaii-themed drinks to go with those summery sandwiches. The Mac Fizz has options like mango flesh, passion fruit, and pineapple juice mixed into a soft drink, while the Mac Float versions add soft serve ice cream to the mix.

For dessert, McDonald’s prepared a special McFlurry with mixed berry sauce with three kinds of berry pulp: strawberry, blueberry and cranberry. There’s also a fluffy sponge cake in the mix, which he calls “pancake style.”

This Hawaiian range will be launched at McDonald’s locations in Japan from July 27 and is, of course, only available for a limited time.

McDonald’s grand summer strategy

While it’s typical for fast food chains to launch new seasonal items, McDonald’s has gone above and beyond with the Hawaiian menu to create something bigger for its international market.

In the meantime, American McDonald’s doesn’t have a single item that sings about summer on its menu. While disappointing, this can be attributed to the company’s success in the Japanese market, which Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Kevin Ozan spoke about during the third quarter earnings call in 2021.

“Japan maintained momentum in the third quarter with mockups, up 13%, achieving six consecutive years of impressive quarterly growth in mockup sales, despite restaurants operating under government restrictions,” he said.

This impressive new menu is most certainly a boost to drive that growth even further.

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