Me’s Burgers & Brews is writing a unique menu based on a book for Southside customers

DANVILLE, Va. – Emily Tomlinson is an avid reader, just like her parents.

“We love books and reading, and Mom and I always dreamed of opening a bookstore. It wasn’t in the cards, but buying a restaurant was.

Eighty-seven years ago, Me’s Burgers and Brews writes his opening stanza in Danville.

Typewriters and classic books lend a bookstore vibe to this burger joint, but the prologue kicks off with things like homemade pita chips, pimento cheese, and locally sourced spicy tomato jam.

The cobb salad’s many characters add to its colorful plot.

Next comes the protagonist which, of course, is the burgers.

“All of our burgers are named after some of our favorite authors. As you walk through the front door, there is a wall of book covers. These are the burgers we’ve featured — or the authors we’ve featured — for the past seven years.

One of the best-selling authors is the Fannie Flagg, which is “a beef patty with pickled jalapeños, fried green tomato, homemade chili cheese, and bacon.”

Chef Naomi Musso penned the Emyl Jenkins, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, American cheese and a trio of condiments.

A creative mind in her own right (and a trained chef), she even made dessert burgers. One of these burgers had cupcakes for the buns and a brownie as the patty. How cool!

Tomlinson praises Musso, saying, “There are some of these details that she pays attention to that really up our game as a restaurant.”

Each season brings a new chapter – each page filled with new creations. Let’s just say, for example, that you’re not a fan of what’s in this current chapter.

“They can create their own. They can take a protein and put whatever they want on it, and it becomes their burger.

Washed down with local and regional beers, it’s no wonder this spot has remained popular in Danville since 2015.

This month of July, Me put four unique burgers on his menu.

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