MHN Executive Council: Best Event Ideas for Residents


The nature of resident events has changed. What are the most effective resident events for 2022? We have sought the advice of the MHN Executive Council.

Orion Property Group has returned to in-person events with security measures in place. He was well received by residents and staff on site. The most effective events seem to be restoration events that involve interactions with other residents. Everyone seems to want “meet-ups” like we did before COVID. —Michael Napovanice, President and Director, Orion Property Group

Our Elevated Living event planners across the country get the most response for interactive events and offer residents the opportunity to actively participate in a small group. These residents receive the highest ratings and reviews. Because it’s a small and interactive group, they are forced to interact with people they normally wouldn’t have met. Typical events are mixology, wine tastings, cooking classes, and similar types of classes. On the other hand, the ones our events team sees becoming more popular are “excursions” outside the building, such as happy hours, wineries, and ski or snowboard trips. —Konrad Koczwara, Founder and CEO, Elevated Living

If you’re looking for socially distanced events, our residents have really come to appreciate the “grab and go” types of things. For example, we did a virtual paint and sip where residents picked up their paint kit and a mini bottle of wine, then logged into a Zoom where they took the instructor-led painting class from home. . We’ve done this for a variety of themed events, like Halloween pumpkin carving contests, and more. Happy hours are also beyond the control of many of our communities! —Jess Carpentier, Software Application Specialist and Rental Manager, Stuart Co.

We recently had an impromptu event in a community in San Francisco. The community posted a flyer in the elevator, lobby and on their resident portal. “Meet your neighbors for lunch in the courtyard this Thursday. Management will provide dessert. Just come with your lunch and get to know your neighbors. About a third of the residents are out. There are still a few residents working from home. It wasn’t expensive and was done in the yard during lunch. The event lasted an hour, but many residents stayed to chat and were able to build relationships with their neighbors. They plan to do it as a monthly event, and one of the residents who works at a local restaurant mentioned that he might bring a plate of sandwiches to the next event. It turned out much better than the team expected. —Kim Baker, Vice President of Marketing, Legacy Partners

A healthy mix of virtual and in-person events seems to be popular. People, in general, have changed. Some prefer virtual events. This is where painting classes, mixology classes, flower arranging classes and more are a perfect fit. However, some people yearn for the in-person event, and time-tested historical events like a summer launch party or a monthly themed event can be well received. Events like breakfast on the go are popular again. It’s in person, but it’s quick and efficient. Either way, every resident loves their pets, and any pet-friendly community should host a few animal-focused events like “yappy time” or “wash your car/dog day” ( where the team washes cars or residents’ pets! It’s a hit! Trust me!) or a pet costume contest or an end-of-summer pool party! Thinking about the dynamics of the best resident events in 2022, it really depends. It’s an experience. Try one style event one month and another style event another month. We’re constantly evaluating and monitoring what’s working and what’s not, how we can course-correct, and how to plan for 2023! —Christine Gustafson, vice president of marketing and public relations, The Breeden Co.

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