Mjølner’s God of War Ragnarök Menu Sent Me to Valhalla


PlayStation Australia and Mjølner have joined forces to create Discover The Realms, a God of War: Ragnarok dining experience in Sydney and Melbourne to celebrate the launch of the GOTY-worthy title. You know what that means… We’re back for another snacktaku, baby! This female dog eats, and she ate! The female dog is me, and also David was there too! And our entertainment writer Lauren!

As a foodie and gamer, I jumped at the chance to check out the nine-course tasting menu representative of the Nine Realms, and that’s precisely what I did. Hey, it’s me!

As a warning, this is not a nine-course, food-only meal (not a bad thing, just a warning!). The dishes consist of two starters (canapes and a starter), the main course and a dessert, as well as five different cocktails. Four foods, five drinks, that’s nine dishes.

Picture: Kotaku Australia

If you’re a non-drinker like me, let the wait staff know and you’ll be served some delicious non-alcoholic options that hit the spot in the same way. Since I’m not a beverage connoisseur, I’m going to review edible meals rather than drinkable meals here. I mean, I wouldn’t call myself a food connoisseur either, but if you refer to the first paragraph, you’ll know that a female dog likes to eat. This is my Mjølner experience God of War: Ragnarok feast.

Couch: Surtr’s Rage

Snacktaku: Mjølner's God of War Ragnarök Menu Sent Me to Valhalla
Picture: Kotaku Australia

Pastrami with salmon | Black garlic emulsion | Burnt thyme | Rye biscuit

This clamp here is truly the embodiment of Tiny But Mighty. A noble bar girl handed me one just before the God of War: Ragnarok presentation, and at that time I was starving. I made it a point not to eat anything before because I heard “nine course meal” and thought, “Oh great, today is the day I die of meat.”

Popped that little sucker in my pig mouth and felt like Remy the rat when he eats a strawberry with cheese. Fireworks and jazz music echoed in my brain. This little guy was absolutely delicious. I’m not usually one to go for pastrami or sashimi type situations, but I was in heaven here. Or uh, Valhalla. Eh ? eh? Very well.

Entry: Freya’s Revenge

mjolner god of war
Picture: Kotaku Australia

Roasted bone marrow | Scallop XO | Fermented mushroom | Toasted rye sourdough

Ok, so full transparency, at that point I realized that I had planned with my friend Scott to have lunch, completely forgetting that I had this event. If you are looking to use your phone in Mjølner, think again because this place is a bunker. I saw an old message from Scott and freaked out, ran out of the room, had to restart my phone to get it working again, and finally came back to him to apologize profusely . Everything was fine, plans were postponed and I was safe to eat my entree.

Coming downstairs, there it was. A big fucking bone full of marrow and fermented mushrooms with two scallops on it and grilled sourdough. Again, bone marrow is another thing I don’t normally eat. However, I don’t come to scenarios like this to just turn my nose up and ask for Alphabet Spaghetti instead. I came to eat and I did, and that shit was ridiculous. So delicious. I highly recommend removing everything from the bone and eating it on toast. It’s a delight.

Main: Secrets of the Father

mjolner god of war
Picture: Kotaku Australia

Dry Aged Scotch Tenderloin | Bottarga sauce | Pickled onion | Charred Garlic Flowers | Small potato | Horseradish Sour Cream | Brussels sprouts with dill | Chestnut cream | Crushed hazelnuts

So I lack iron. I’m convinced it’s because I’m one of the girls, but maybe the divine creator just looked at me and thought, “Why don’t I make your life a little tiring?” Like a funny joke for me?”. Due to iron deficiency I take my supplements that shit tireless journey similar to God of War: Ragnarok and I live my stupid little life. I also try to eat iron-rich foods, and this main dish was so iron-rich that I think it cured me.

There’s a lot going on with this main course, so I’m going to break it down and start with the scotch tenderloin. Oh, man. Oh man. Oh *voice of Kratos*, BOY. This scotch drizzle was perfect. My mouth was watering when I saw it, then I ate it and passed out. Suddenly I was in a golden dream state where a prophecy of my life was presented before me. I saw myself, sitting next to my sweet editor David, enjoying a delicious meal and having a great time. I also ate a whole bunch of green onions, which went so well with the meat.

Then there were the potatoes, and I have to say that these potatoes almost blew me away with how good they were. Potatoes are one of those things that are hard to go wrong with, and on this day they were done so well. The potato custard made for an almost orgasmic experience, but let’s remember it’s still No Nut November so it was NOT happening.

The dill Brussels sprouts are not pictured above, and I’m so sorry they aren’t. The reason I’m so sorry is I was screaming and screaming for those Brussels sprouts. I always felt like the early childhood media went wild with propaganda against Brussels sprouts, and I’m here to tell you that these Brussels sprouts will make all that brainwashing go away in an instant. They were so good that I didn’t take a picture, I just ate them. I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry either.

Dessert: Motorway to Hel

mjolner god of war
Image: Lea Williams

Banana Pudding | Vanilla parfait | Brandy Caramel | Caramelized banana | puffed quinoa

Another note of transparency here: David, Lauren, and I had to rush out of the venue for an office showcase and felt like we couldn’t have the delicious dessert at the end of the event. We were all heartbroken, but I wasn’t going to accept that. I wanted to drive on the highway to Hel.

Luckily, the lovely people at PlayStation understood our wishes and prepared desserts in boxes to take away. The box pictures didn’t do the processing justice, so our lovely mate by GamesHub (and Kotaku Australia alumnus) Leah Williams sent me the photo above to really show you how beautiful she looks. Look at this. Wow.

Not only does it look good, it tastes even better. I’m a sucker for a banana dessert, and bananas and vanilla are a perfect match. You may see “quinoa” and be a little confused, but it worked. Trust me. This dessert was the final nail in the coffin for me, as I was officially dead. I died as a Viking and will be sent to Valhalla. When I’m gone, remember me as I was: a lovable fool with a heart of gold.

If you want to experience Mjølner’s God of War: Ragnarok enjoy, be sure to book now at the restaurant’s website as reservations are essential. The God of the war The menu will be available at restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne until Sunday November 20, so book quickly if you’re looking for a divine moment.

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