Montgomery County business owner Trish Stubbs pays homage to British heritage at Tilly Mint’s tearoom in Souderton

SOUDERTON, Pa. (WPVI) — Trish Stubbs may have been born in the United States, but she’s British at heart.

“I’m the first American in my family. My whole family is from Liverpool,” she said. “There was always tea at our house.”

Her British heritage led her to open Tilly Mint tea room in 2007 in Souderton, Montgomery County. Here you might feel like you’ve crossed the pond.

“We do a full British tea and we do a light tea as well,” Stubbs said.

Both come with a three-tier tray that includes tea sandwiches, scones, and dessert.

“I do everything that comes out in the dining room,” Stubbs said. “I love the creativity part of this one.”

She says she came up with the idea for their signature herb cream cheese sandwich that looks like a ladybug.

“She’s on every plate that comes out,” Stubbs said.

And more than 50 teas are on the menu, including green teas, white teas, oolongs and traditional black teas. She says their most popular tea is French caramel creme brulee.

You can even take home a little piece of England at the St. James Gift Shop, named after Stubbs’ husband.

“Because I thought it was a saint to put up with me to do this,” she said.

At the gift shop, loose leaf teas and tea bags are available for purchase, along with an assortment of china.

Stubbs says the name of her tea room is a tribute to her late parents, who took her on many wonderful trips to England.

“Tilly Mint is an affectionate term in Liverpool for little girls,” Stubbs explained. “My mum always naturally called me Tilly Mint when I was a kid.”

And now Stubbs’ daughter, Jenny, works there too.

“I’m so proud of my British heritage. I want you to feel special when you come here,” Stubbs said.

She says that when people come to her tea room, she hopes they can relax, have a cup of tea and “just enjoy each other’s company”.

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