Mother’s Day 2022 gift ideas for mothers of all types


T-minus two weeks until the day arrives – it’s time to get started on your Mother’s Day gift plans. Don’t forget to include a handwritten card to make it feel extra special.

Before you start: call your mother, she misses you. Now that we’ve fixed that, we’re less than a month away from New Year’s Day when your mom won’t feel guilty for letting you know you’re not spending enough time with her. don’t call it enough; don’t eat enough. And in honor of this day that celebrates mom – whether it’s new moms, moms-to-be, surrogates, bus moms, grandmas – here are some gift ideas that really shouldn’t be only a model for what you Actually get mom. You know her best! Please think about it.

Mamma Mia, here are some gift ideas for Mother’s Day

For the mom who likes to splash:

Listen, a Hermès purchase is not a routine purchase. No more than a Cartier Tank watch with an alligator strap, encrusted with diamonds. But it’s not always Mother’s Day! If you’re going to splurge, invest in things that last; about things that can be loved, cherished, and then passed on for decades to come. Think of it this way: these could be yours, one day, too. And if Mom doesn’t like materialism, a print or painting might touch her heart.

For the mom who prefers tea:

Tea might, excuse me, not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if it’s in the context of gifts, which, like candles, can often be seen as an afterthought; a last minute throwaway. But if mom wants tea, then mom must have the best tea. The limited edition Sakura from Tea WG! Sakura ! The green tea blend has notes of Rainier wild cherry and sweet rose petals and comes in a collectible tea tin that mom will most likely reuse as something that holds spools of yarn. Errant buttons.

Or opt for something very special from Whittard, a tea brand offered by Bakhache Gourmet.

For the foodie mom:

Chocolate! Truffles! A cheeky slice of Snow Red Cake from Eat Cake Today, arranged in the perfect geometric triangle patterns! Mom deserves something sweet on the palate on the day baptized just for her. What if she doesn’t like desserts? Can’t beat a pizza from Mother of Pizzas.

For the mom who doesn’t want you to spend money on her:

Yes, I’m going to address the elephant in this section of the gift guide: flowers are expensive. Bouquets – especially the artfully arranged designs from brands like Flowerchimp’s are Dear. If you’re not ready to lie to your mom about exactly how much you spent on flowers, here’s an idea: make a mood board with your favorite bouquet and head to a local flower market to try yours. She’ll like them better that way, trust me. And maybe you’ll get a fun hobby out of it, too.

Otherwise, Tiny Greens’ little microgreens are adorable for any mom with a green thumb, and a book never hurts. Especially if it’s a list of gin recipes and it comes gift-wrapped with a bottle or two of Two Moons.

For the mom who always tells you to put on sunscreen:

Maybe she’s moaning and moaning about a wrinkle you promise not to see. Maybe she’s a skincare obsessive who needs refills of her Dr. Barbara Sturm serums for her Mother’s Day gift. Maybe she’s a beauty guru in the making, who wants a vanity shelf worthy of a Top Shelf feature on In the shine. Whether you opt for a full discovery set from Lane Crawford or dive headfirst into beauty gadgets with Lyma’s Laser Starter Kit, there’s something beautiful for every mother, whether new or new. beauty professional.

For the mom who just wants a bit of something sparkly:

Jewelry is a no-brainer when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. It is something small, something precious. Something that can, if nothing gets lost, be worn and forgotten. A small pendant necklace that you don’t take off is something that becomes intrinsic; an extension of you. Then it passes on. Splurge on a diamond ring or DIY your own charm bracelets; one for you, one for her.

For the mom redecorating:

Home is where the heart is and home is often where your mother is. Choose trinkets that she would like; trinkets that would remind him of you. Like this sublime Wave Pitcher by Sophie Lou Jacobsen or this very trendy Flowerpot Lamp à la Verner Panton if she likes design. Or this candle from Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfumery.

Header and images courtesy of Sophie Lou Jacobsen

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