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With the holiday season quickly approaching, every restaurant prepares the perfect menu that will tickle your taste buds. This holiday season, buckle up and get ready for the great feast offered by Gallops, Mumbai which will transport you to a world of festive flavors. The restaurant is offering these specially curated Hidishes until January 2nd and you can’t miss this one! List of dishes not to be missed from the popular festive menu:

Savory specialties

1) Festive fondue

Festive fondue

The festive fondue is creamy, cheesy and bursting with flavor. Served with freshly roasted vegetables and crispy French toast, this dish is a must-have and a festive dish.

2) Baked Christmas Brie

Baked Brie from the Gallops Christmas Menu |  Galops team photo
Baked brie from the Christmas menu

The typical French cheese is cooked to perfection and served with a generous drizzle of warm golden honey with a handful of finely chopped walnuts. This oven-baked dish is an absolute delight as the creamy richness of the dish exceeds all expectations.

3) Lobster Thermidor

The Thermidor lobster is as chic as it sounds. Beautifully poached, brandy infused lobster cooked in a classic Thermidor sauce served with crispy golden gruyere is mouthwatering and tastes twice as good as it looks on the plate.

4) Roasted Christmas turkey

Roast turkey sent by the Gallops team
Roast turkey

The holiday season is incomplete without a turkey! American Butterball Turkey Stuffed with Vegetables and Juice is perfectly cooked and tastes divine with tender chunks melting in your mouth in a silky, buttery mess.

5) Maple glazed ham

The Belgian ham is slowly cooked until tender, tender and juicy, topped with maple syrup frosting which adds a sweet touch to the meat dish.

6) Fettuccini with forest mushroom stew

The fresh-cut, hand-made fettuccine cooked with a creamy mushroom stew is simply drool-worthy! The stew is beautifully seasoned and its small pieces of mushrooms make this dish unique among many.

7) Risotto with winter vegetables

The rice is slowly cooked in a creamy white sauce with an assortment of seasonal winter vegetables. This Italian dish doesn’t disappoint and shouldn’t be the one you shouldn’t miss this holiday season!


1) Christmas pudding

The rich and delicious Christmas pudding is an all-time favorite, topped with a huge dollop of fresh whipped cream and served with a generous amount of fruit. This dish is a healthy mix of sweetness and spiciness that makes for a splendid dessert.

2) Eton’s mess

Freshly macerated, sweet and pasty strawberries are served with a crunchy meringue. The dessert offers a variety of textures and flavors that will surprise your palette and give your taste buds a real roller coaster ride.

Special winter drinks

1) Mulled wine

Mulled wine sent by the Gallops team
Hot wine

This delicious full bodied wine infused with spices, whole cinnamon and freshly chopped fruit is one of the most amazing things that happen to Christmas cocktails and there’s no reason to miss it.

2) Hot chocolate drizzled

Boozy Hot Chocolate by Team Gallops
Hot chocolate

Like Joey from Friends said, “What’s not to love? Chocolate — GOOD, booze — GOOD! ”That’s all there is, hot, succulent, rich and creamy hot chocolate infused with spiced rum and topped with the most delicious, mushy and gooey marshmallow is the drink of which you need to face the cold of December.

3) American pie

What could be better than a pie that you can eat? A drink pie! It is literally heaven in a glass. The thick, rich liquid is an absolute surprise and tastes like the most perfectly cooked dish.

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