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Many of you have probably eaten at Dave’s Sticky Pig, or at least heard the name – well, the storefront is the same, the recipes are the same, but the owner and name have changed. Now known as BadAsh, this iconic Madisonville barbecue is quickly making a name for itself.

Owners Ben and Ashley Webb have been in the barbecue business for years, so this is nothing new to them. Dave Webb, Ben’s father, didn’t just start Dave’s Sticky Pig. he taught his son all the tricks of the trade and how to make delicious barbecues.

“We bought the recipes and everything we know about barbecuing that we learned working for my dad, so the food tastes pretty much the same,” Ben Webb said. “But we’re an entirely separate business entity, we haven’t just changed our name.”

Dave’s Sticky Pig ran successfully for ten years, until Dave fell ill and had to close the doors in December. It was then that Ben and his wife Ashley decided to pool their savings to start their own business.

“My wife and I didn’t want to go away and have separate jobs,” Ben Webb said. “We saw our opportunity and rushed to make plans. We gathered our meager savings, signed a new lease on the building, purchased equipment and recipes, founded our new company and started our very first business venture.

“A lot of our customers wish us luck,” said Ashley Webb. “They recognize us as a great barbecue in town. Some don’t even realize we’re different, but they support us.

Opened January 18, 2022, signage still reflects Dave’s Sticky Pig, but temporary banners are in place and new signage and interior decor are in the works. According to the Webbs, the menu is stable, the food is fresh and locally sourced, and future plans are to expand the dessert menu and incorporate daily specials. Most meat suppliers are local, which is very important for their business plan.

“I want to bring some of my pies, peanut butter and key lime pie will be first on the list. I’m also looking to make BBQ nachos and a white chicken chili,” Ashley Webb.

If you’re in a hurry or taking a quick lunch break, BadAsh BBQ has a drive-thru window that’s been pretty busy lately, likely due to the freezing temperatures we’ve been experiencing.

BadAsh is keto and gluten-friendly and suitable for all ages. There are kids’ offerings such as homemade mac and cheese and smaller sandwich options.

One thing that sets BadAsh apart from some of the other barbecue spots in town is their pulled mutton sandwich. The Webbs said it was a very special item because it takes an entire day to smoke and cook. When done correctly, the meat is so tender that it falls straight off the bone.

“Closest place to get mutton here is 45 minutes away in Owensboro, so far. Our pulled mutton sandwich is definitely something to try.

BadAsh is located at 206 Madison Square Drive. You will notice the iron pig smoker in the front, smoking.

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